OOC Talk

Yeah, sorry it's taking me a bit on the post. What with wedding, travel, and getting things set for Thanksgiving, on top of posting from my phone, I'm a little busy.

the next couple days will be taken up by thanksgiving/black friday here in the USA, so I most likely won't be posting then

if i do, it means i'm incredibly bored either pre- or post-dinner, and thus consider it a nice bonus surprise post

No problem. I'm deeply involved in a group work right now and can't think properly on a post, since it's kinda hard to post when my character is a lunatic that has no interest on the mission, but on one of the subjects instead. :P

Currently pretty musy myself, will try to squeeze in a post sooner or later, but ... I have had little time after 3 weeks back home besides I have to compensate my GF for all the no BF time, by giving her a lot of attention, which is directly related to no or only very little Internet/ weave time (as I have to take care of tons of other things once I'm online)

Hopefully we can get things back on track with regular postings after Thanksgiving?

Every other game that I've been playing in on here has died, and with this as my last one, I really don't want to see it have the same fate. I know everybody is busy (I'm working 70+ hours and also attending a full-time masters program), but it doesn't really take that long to write two posts a week. Can everybody at least step up and give that much?

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