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tsukoyomi, i assume you plan to tell me what it is you're doing? since i cant make heads nor tails out of that post...

and on that note, just because you've been here before, doesnt mean you can suddenly pull random objects from out of nowhere

just being a good host and bringing a jug filled with water, you know, we are in the middle of the desert

Hey guys, could I have descriptions of your characters? I really need to know who I'm looking down at and who I'm seeing close to eye to eye. Also I need to know details to know how my character might react to your appearance. I think the character background area would be really good for that type of stuff... Right, leova?

oops, i should have foreseen this

Heh, everyone is asking questions, and i (the player) don'd know a thing about the organization... oops
option 1: get out with the 'everything should be revealed after you've been aproved by the council', and go with evasives all the way, it doesn't leave much material to RP, but it goes well with kashue, as he isn't too much talkative.

option 2: annoyingly short answers, and some evasives while at it, simply, reveal only little tiny bits of information. Also goes well with the character

the choice is yours leova, since it depends in the overal attitude of the organization towards giving info about themselves, and the second option requires some info from you

Ok will try to post detailed description as soon as i get more time, curently at a cyber café and ...

well, depending on the questions, i think the best option would be to allow you to answer some of them, perhaps about basic ideals, and if you want to create some fictional events/etc that'd work too
For some of the more detailed stuff, you guys are probably better off asking more-veteran members of The Order

You guys will have, oh...maybe 3-4 hours before the Council calls for you. Its now ~3-4pm-ish, meeting will probably be around 8ish

If you wanna do something that involves me..go for it. Some things that I plan to include in my games:

* Knowledge skills can be improved via studying, such as in libraries, with prominent local figures, or by simply being in one place long enough to "get to know it". If you stay in Cormyr for 3 months, its safe to assume you'd know a bit more about it than when you came in, so you'd receive bonuses to an appropriate Knowledge skill

* You can spend extra time shining your armor, sharpening blades, and so forth. Depending on a variety of variables, that could give you anything from Diplomacy bonuses when wearing your super-shiny new armor, to a +1 damage bonus for your first post-sharpening sword swing, and so forth.

* Spending a long time with people that speak a language you don't know (such as an Elf ending up prisoner in a Dwarven jail), will help with things like Languages, Decipher Script, etc. Making yourself a well-known source for information on something, such as the guard rotations of a local prison, can help with Gather Information, as you can trade info on Subject A for info on Subject B.

* Carrying around lots of green clothing can help when trying Hide checks in the wilderness, assuming you have time to change into them. Performing for a group of people often(such as a street juggler) will allow you to know what that group likes, and perform better in the future.

....and so forth

Some of these things you'll be aware of, like Knowledge...and some you won't. But do as your character would do in daily life, and the bonuses/gains will take care of themselves

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