Madness! Madness at Gardmore Abbey!

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Madness! Madness at Gardmore Abbey!

Madness at Gardmore Abbey - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Ad Closes: Mar 31 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 5

And so it comes.
Yes, I am Running Madness at Gardmore Abbey. It is a refreashingly open ended premade adventure that can easily lead into more adventures, or even going sandbox afterwards, though that might not stop me from pulling stuff from other premades.

Character Creation
Characters will be made at level 6 using the 20 point-buy or a roll of 6 4d6r1v1 for your attrabutes, your pick. If you roll the dice that is what you get, unless you're total bonus is less than +4 then I'd like you use the point-buy. Note:This does not include your Stat increase at 4th level.

Allowed Sources
Anything on the character builder. Plus anything found in the Homebrew section in my other game.

Any homebrew you would want too use will be looked over on a case-by-case basis.

Feel free to do some wacky things that you wouldn't normally try.

Starting Equipment
Standard starting equipment: Item of level 6, Item of level 5, Item of level 7 and gold equal to a 5th level magic item.
Mundane gear is free within respecable limits.

Something Special
The group as a whole will start the game with a single card from The Deck of Many Things, determined randomly by me.

Background & Setting
The game is set withing Wizard's generic setting, the Nentir Vale. Remember that as you are starting at 6th level, you've had some experiance. Also, you have been working as a group in the area for some time now.

I will be slightly more favoring of backgrounds that reflect both of those points, and of interconnected backgrounds, but they still wont sway my choice of people in the end very much and backgrounds can always change slightly to incorporate your party members.

Game Description:

Gardmore Abbey was one of the first settlements within the Nentir Vale. While it was rules by Holy knights dedicated too the glory of Bahamut, Erathis, Kord, Moradin and Pelor disaster struck and it's inhabitants and defenders were all killed or destroyed nearly 150 years ago. Now, in the nearby regions and the Abbey itself, Various forces of darkness have began too assemble within Gardmore making the inhabitants of Winterhaven nervous.

You have been working for Lord Padraig for several monthes, having just perviously taken on and concured several Earth Giants who had previously threatened the towns integridy. Among the corpses you found a small ivory card, could this card be a part of the legendary Artifact known only as 'The Deck of Many Things'?

Myth-weaver guides!

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I would like to get into a 4e Game, but I do not have access to the Character builder. Are there any other online resources that help with Character creation?

is this open to a newbie? i've never played dnd, free to call me black sheep, i know some basic mechanics but will need some assistance

So, can we add one more factor to the roll Cnyperos?

+4 total bonus and at least one 16 rolled.

That way you at least have an 18 in a single stat you can use for your primary after a racial bonus. *shrug*

Edit: With the standard 22 point buy you end up with a minimum of +6 and up to a +8 or so. Granted with a roll people can get much higher but they can get low enough that they won't be able to participate as well. Of course I may be assuming to much importance to an 18 or 20 in a classes primary stat as well, particularly depending on how you're going to run your game, lol.

Edit 2: The code you want for the roll is 6m4d6r1v1z within roll tags.

Edit 3: Or, so as not to overly favor rollers, if you don't roll at least a single 16 you can increase one of your highest rolls to 16. That will still grant the higher stat for a primary but stop people from pushing a low score up and ending up with a better point spread than those not risking it and going for the point buy.

My bad for not realizing that you were going with a 20 point buy, lol. Nothing to see here, move along...

Wait... 4d6r1??? That will literally add 4 six sided dice together, rerolling 1's. Are you sure you didn't mean 4d6v1 which is roll 4 six sided dice and drop the lowest one rolled and do that for each attribute?

Can we skip the rolls and take the point buy?

NM missed the point buy option the 1st read through.

Oh, heck yes.

So, 20 point buy is 2 points short of the standard 4e point buy. Is that intentional? What are the specs for application?

20 is the standard standard 4e point buy if you start w/ all 10s. 22 point buy if you start w/ a floating 8.

I'd wait for clarification on the rolling before anyone does them. If it's 4d6r1 per stat that's going to be a range of 8 to 24 which doesn't seem correct. If it's a 4d6v1 it's the normal range but the bell curve of the roll shifts upwards. It is a drastic difference and I'm guessing Cnyperos meant for the latter.

Yeah, Ryfte has it right. It's 4d6r1v1. Seems odd I'd forget that little detail. O.o

For the point-buy, the 20 assumes you raise the 8 too a 10. I usually do, because I don't like having negative modifiers. But if it bugs you that much you can always from one of the 10's to an 8 and get those 2 other points.


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