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And even then his logic is internally flawed. The earth will most certainly survive whatever it is that we do to it, up to and including detonating our entire nuclear stockpile, never mind a bit of anthropocentric global warming. But the species that live on the earth... well, that's not so much a done deal. Just go ask your friendly neighbourhood tyrannosaurus.

Yes, the earth will survive, life will survive (plants will likely have a heyday, as will fish), but human survival is not guarunteed, nor could we expect anything like our current standard of living if the earth goes super-tropical.

I'm too lazy to read the whole thread; has anyone brought up the Oregon Petition yet, and if so, have they been properly ridiculed for it?

Originally Posted by Plugsy View Post
Translation - "I have no evidence so you should believe me. Science is beyond me."

all I can say is it is may... and it snowed alittle bit

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all I can say is it is may... and it snowed alittle bit
In Antarctica, that's not unusual.

But the "False god" of science offers so many nice perks. Like TV, and internet, and microwave ovens. And it doesn't even require belief, just that we not kill smart people for using it.

The False God of science? You mean Thomas Edison?

Bam! Go Team Tesla!

What part of "Team Tesla" did we not understand? Down with Edison!

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