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How does psychic anomaly work? (PHB3: Psion)

How does psychic anomaly work? (PHB3: Psion)

Psychic AnomalyAt-Will ✦ Augmentable, Conjuration, Implement, Psioinic, Psychic
Standard; Ranged 10
Effect: You conjure a psychic anomaly in an unoccupied square within range. The anomaly lasts until the end of your next turn. You can make the following attack using the anomaly:
Opportunity Action; Melee 1
Trigger: An enemy starts its turn in a square adjacent to the anomaly.
Target: The triggering enemy.
Attack: Int vs. Will
Hit: 1d6 + IntMod psychic dmg and slide 3 to a square adjacent to the anomaly.

Augment 1: Effect: As above and your allies can flank with the psychic anomaly.
Augment 2: Hit: As above and 1d8 + IntMod psychic dmg and the target is dazed until the end of your next turn.

So, you've got a center square and the 8 surrounding squares. Say there are 3 enemies next to the anomaly at the start of each of their turns...
  1. Do you get to take an opportunity action to make an attack at the beginning of each of their turns?
  2. As an "Opportunity Action; Melee 1" I'm presuming that the attack is originating from the psychic anomaly itself, right?
  3. Since the area is technically a 3x3 grid wouldn't a slide 2 let you place them on any square surrounding the psychic anomaly?
  4. Is this power really as good as it seems?

1. Yes(see my response to your question in the "Quick questions and answers" thread)

2. Correct, according to your Effect wording.

3. In your "Power Block" you say Slide 3, and in the Question you say Slide 2. You have to remember that your Anomaly takes up a square and Larger creatures might not be able to be shifted very far around depending on positioning.

4. IMO it seems like a fun/flavorable burst 1 with in 10 that has targeting problems because you need to occupy the center square. You don't get to double dip damage or control, you only affect(or is it effect... /sigh) targets once, just like a burst 1, and there is a SLIGHT chance that an enemy controller/leader could thwart your plans... making it worse than a Burst 1. Though you could target a square up... but larger targets mixed with smaller targets could screw that up.

The more I look at psion powers, the more I think of a grenade; you use the power, and then at some point this round or next, it goes off.

Good point, littlefish... if the enemy controller (not in the burst) activates first and teleports the enemies in the burst out before they activate, then you lose your effect. Probably a problem more at higher levels.

That's largely true of the summoner (or shaper) build powers. Also applies to summoners from other classes (wizard and maybe druid, really have not looked at 4e druids at all). As for the controller type teleporting (or sliding) enemies out, well at least he wasted his action countering yours. If you can keep the enemy countering your moves, you're generally ahead of the game. Timing matters a lot with powers like this one.

I'm still not sure about summoners in general. Too many of their powers seem to end up at the weaker end of the scale, although this isn't really an example of that.

Another point in favor of Psychic Anomaly.

Your party could work with you and push/pull/slide other targets next to your Anomaly, so creatures not originally in the "Faux Burst 1" will be attacked.

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