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By the pricking of my thumbs....

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I've got a NPC written up whose plans involve Tasaru and it's up to the PCs how to deal with it. This will probably result in a Sandbox-y style of game, so make sure your character is fun to play in many different situations. We might have Dragon-Blooded playing alongside Solar Exalted so sheer power won't be as important as roleplaying and creativity. The vilain will be something of a Puzzle Boss.

Character Creation:
The plot is flexible enough to be a Multi-Exalt game. In fact the original premise was "Adventure for two Lunars and some exotic splats".
Lunars: The standard-option.
Solars: They complement Lunars well, so no complaints there.
Mortals, Artificial Races and God-Bloded: You get as many xp as your backstory can justify.
Dragon Kings and Lost Eggs: So far none exist on Tasaru but I'm more than willing to include them. Oh, and you have the otption to start the game as an experienced individual

The other splats will probably require some compromises, most of them don't play nice with others:
Siderals: Quite frankly I have no experience with them.
Dragon-Blooded: You get some bonus-xp and you can get the post as newly appointed governor.
Abyssals and Infernals: Ah, the appeal of the Antihero! Just remember that I'll get to play the cosmic horror you sold your soul to.
Fair Folk: Tasaru is close to the Wyld so Raksha are a common sight.

I have no idea how to include the Jadeborn and the Chosen of the Machine God into the campaign.

So far we've got one Abyssal Vigilante, one Rakshasa Entertainer and a Solar entrepreneur .

Aside from the ususal source books I'll use the following
Exalted 2.5
Ink Monkeys
Perfect Lotus from Root to Bulb

House rule:
If you do not expect a mechanical benefit you can handwave essence expenditur below 6 motes.

Game Description:

In the southern sea far off from any other Land lies the Kingdom Tasaru consisting of an Island with an area of about 4.000 sq mi. For two hundred years now Tasaru has been formally under the protection of the Blessed Isle, with a governor and his soldiers living in an ancient fortress at the coast. It is a political exile on a pleasant island that practically governs itself.
But now something wicked this way comes.

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Ooh, A Lunar game! Or at least as close as I'm likely to get. I have an application that I've been wanting to play properly for years. I got to play it once, but then my ST turned the game into Bleach; which wasn't really any fun for the Lunar No Moon. I do have to ask if you're using the Exalted 2.5 Combat system from the latest Errata. It really changes some things up and I haven't gone over Kit and toyed with the numbers to make sure that she's still a survivable build.

Backstory in a nutshell is that she was going to be shaman of her tribe, but a horrific calamity befell her people and she was forced to flee into the Wyld to escape it. During that time, she survived purely on her wits, the old stories and determination and drew the attention of Luna. When she met Luna (as all Lunar do.), she asked for Wisdom. Luna explained that Wisdom isn't something that can be given, it must be learned from experience. Then she granted the newly Exalted No Moon complete memories of the First Age. (The Past Lives merit at Rating 5.) Her narrative merges with the story soon after she finished the Spirit Quest that Lunar Sorcerors undertake.

She's mainly a Lore font and Sorceress character, whose Motivation is to recover the lost Castes since she explicitly knows that they existed. (Her predominant previous incarna was a Waxing Moon. ) She also has a very strong link to her Solar Mate and finds herself wandering Creation to seek him out against the advice of her Elders.

Work In Progress:

Very interested. Looking at an Infernal Slayer, favoring either She Who Lives In Her Name or Adorjan. A nice guy warrior who talked tough and was brave enough on the battlefield, but didn't have the courage to stand up in the face of true monsters, leading to the deaths of much of his community. Terrified to lose what little was left, he made a deal with a decanthrope for power - upon emerging from the Chrysalis Grotesque, he set out to erase the horror that had beset his people with nuclear fire. The worst of all was when he realized how easy it was; even unExalted he could have saved the people he loved, had he not been such a coward.

His Motivation is to carve out a world where none need fear the falling night or the chaos of a flawed Creation; his Urge will be Cecelynian, I'll leave the specifics to you. He's had a hard time dealing with his new posthuman state, and the physical changes he's undergone are deeply troubling: subtle enough that he can pass for ordinary, and yet prominent enough to center him deep in the uncanny valley. Sometimes, he dreams about being a spaceship the size of a city, majestically sailing the Wyld, or bringing annihilating fire of a color he can never remember to heathen armies arrayed below him. He doesn't really know what any of that means, but it goes on the long internal list of things that don't help his composure.

Hm, I've been hankering to play another Solar, a Dawn warrior. Had an idea for a Dawn that sort of mixes/finds the music in war. Well, that was the early idea. Fights like a dancer, leading troops like a conductor leading a harmony, a little strange idea. I think I'll flesh it out and give it a go.

I just picked up the sidereal book and would love to play one, but as stated above not all of them play nice with others and appear exceedingly complicated. I'm instead in a Solar, Night Caste. Thinking of nobel prince with a robin hood complex of sorts. The steal from the rich and give to the poor, just not his own riches.

A LUNAR Game! *heart!* I am so interested!

I want to play a Changing Moon Lunar. A natural talker, he was a peasant levied into the Dragon-Blood's Army in the South Western Jungles. Exalting by twisting some Hobgoblins to attack their Fey master, Luna in the form of the Watcher came and charged him with using his charm and looks to twist those that would think themselves the betters of creation, instead of it's stewards. His true secondary form is that of the Parrot, and he wanders from place to place, looking for those that would destroy without care, and shape the land for their own greed, and turn their own people against them.

Part of his struggle is that he really is an uneducated man, and struggles with the duality of his purpose, and his place in his old society. While he is charming, he doesn't have an education like a Dragon-blood noble has, and even his reincarnated soul doesn't seem to want to share it's memories with him. While he wants to do well, he has to rely on others to provide him with the knowledge of situations, and that can get him into tricky spots at time. He is more spy than assassin, and more motivator than planner. He relies on finding others with goals and ideas so that he can do what he does best.

Oh, here's our lunars, I was almost getting worried.

Which means I'll be gunning for the Dragonblood governor. Should be ready with at least a first draft between today and tomorrow.

You know, I might be applying as a Sidereal after all. I'm really eager to try 2.5 errata, since it apparently makes them actually playable, and I'm beginning to think all this mess needs someone whose job is to keep the West from exploding.

Or making it explode the *right* way.

Or making someone else like another solar or lunar and explode it for good.


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