game for those wanting to learn basic D&D

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game for those wanting to learn basic D&D

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Estimated Members Requested: 5

ok, the information is below but i want to say what the actual game is about.
Your party of adventurers has been asked to 'clean out' a cave that has been taken over by goblins.

It is at level one.

Game Description:

this game is designed for those who are new to OD&D or
want to learn the rules.
It uses the 'red box' (mentzer) rule books.

Why not? I've never played OD&D. What better time than now?

Hey, first time player here. Just joined not too long ago to host a game privately with my buddies. But I'm forevergm so I haven't actually played an rpg in years. I'm sort of into D&D 2e, but I don't have a lot of experience with editions before 3.5, since that was the one I was first exposed to. Plus I've never played a PbP game before. Do I have to have a copy of the rules myself or are you kind of teaching? How should this work?

glad you think so, BW.
I thought it would be cool to get more people into OD&D.
But so far no applications

seriously, besides HK's posted interest above i have had no interest at all!
I thought that maybe a few people would want to learn the rules... Since it is pretty easy compared to other editions..

I may be interested -- but I'm curious about what you've got in mind for the campaign. I haven't played OD&D before, but learning would be fun. What are you looking for in terms of style, roleplay v. rollplay, combat v. noncombat? What do you have in mind for the longevity? A couple encounters in the dungeon, or is this the jumping-off point for a more substantial adventure?

well, its more start in a tavern, meet the other party members then move onto the goblin cave system.
Its a mixture of combat and roll-play.

ok... If you ARE interested please feel free to pm me any questions you
may have or post them in the game forum.
I really hope this game gets going, but i havent had any posts in the game forum as of yet.


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