Looking for a fairly active Newbie

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Looking for a fairly active Newbie

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A game has been started to help a newbie learn the ropes of story posting and the original potential second player disappeared as the game was forming. A second player posted a message to me PM but that message mysteriously got lost. So now we are trying to see if there is another out there that is fairly active that would like to join a story concentric game ... which means the focus will be on learning to post in story format and how to explore the RPing of a 3.5e game here on Myth Weavers.

If your curious about what that all means swing by the game and check out the current OCC thread.

Game Description:

Dark Urban sort of -- Newbie game to help a couple new players learn the ropes of story posting.

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Not a newbie persay but I could certainly use some critique on my pbp gameplay. If you can't find a new player I'd love to play. That being said, as a teacher, I agree with what your doing and helping new players out is admirable. Kudos friend! Please only use me if you can't find someone who really needs it.

I'm new to fourm posting games and would like to join

Okay to avoid posting all the details here please view the game (if you do not know how to access it from here just ask) and read through the OCC thread if you still find it interesting Darkheart please post that you are still interested. Also the other player seems fairly active and I requested fairly active player meaning at least 3 posts a week hopefully more -- so again this is also working more on writing flavor and colorful character creation so be sure you are good with these concepts as well.

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