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Shadowrun Returns

I wonder what they're going to do with the excess cash if they keep raking in money like this.

Get running water, hire more level designers, hire more designers, put them to work on implementing either cross-platform implementation or new features (Riggers, Co-Op, etc.)

What I want to see if a couple screens of the darn engine they're using. And they better have a demo level called Lattes and Ladies.

11,326 Backers
$509,296 pledged of $400,000 goal
23 days to go
Holy crap! I'm hoping for a pretty level editor, myself.

And who ever said Kickstarter didn't work? With funds coming in like this, they might be able to shovel out a full production team via side-work from other prominent designers and companies.

As far as I know, the only solid plan they've got at the moment for the excess cash is Mac version (which they said they'd do if they got $425k) and a Linux one if they got even more. The way this Kickstarter's going for them, though, there probably will be co-op (or at least Riggers).

Incidentally; were
A corp-hired counter-hacker, with the building's network as his web
spiders around before 4e? Could be an interesting opponent to deal with in the game.

I'm not sure it would work on console. A different kind of gamer lives there. Imagine playing original Fallout on Xbox instead of the more mainstream Fallout 3. It might work as an X-Box live download though. That has a more eclectic audience.

Well, it's turn-based, which makes it easy to map context-sensitive commands to a limited number of buttons. Aside from that, the PSN store and XBL were made exactly for these sort of small indie projects.

There will be one for the iPad and such, though.

I'll be getting it for the PC regardless, but it was just idle curiosity. If they're going to have a lot of excess cash for the project, putting the game out on more platforms wouldn't be a horrendous idea.


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