Monstrous Gestalt Peacekeepers

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Monstrous Gestalt Peacekeepers

Peacekeepers of the Thousand-Tongued Throne - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 4

I'm looking for 4 players to join me in a game. Obviously. The description is below. Rules on character creation are here. Applications go here. Have fun.

Game Description:


Monsters. The word terrifies us a primal level, evoking deep nameless fears in the hearts of men. But... what if there were no men? What if the roles were reversed? What if the world was populated by the things that are normally consigned to terrors told to terrify or delight, on a case by case basis. This game, Peacekeepers of the Thousand-Tongued Council, asks these questions.

This is a monstrous game. The Players are monsters, the Villains are monsters and the NPCs are monsters. Things like humans, dwarves and elves are fairy tales consigned to dusty history tomes about a time when the world was younger. The world goes on without them. Towns and city are populated coatls and dopplegangers, blink dogs and chokers, living together as neighbors if not friends. The local butcher is a Deadly Dancer (who now simply call themselves Dancers) and the shepherd who provides him with mutton is a hill giant. It's not "normal," such a notion would be laughable, but society goes on.

The standard roles of good and evil presented by DnD campaigns are irrelevant. A chuul may be just as be benevolent as a standard gold dragon. A lammasu could have a heart of coal while a lamia might be a dedicated peace-keeper. Even outsiders are exempt from the constraints of alignment, although their deviations are few and far between. Still, the traditional roles hold some influence. The idea of a predominantly altruistic and magnanimous populace is a foreign concept. Evil, good and neutrality all hold an approximate one-third stake on the hearts and minds of the monsters that dominate the world.

With so much villainy and apathy in the world, how does any semblance of society arise? It may be true that everyone is a monster and therefore monstrously powerful, but not all monsters are created equal. That's were you come in...

The Thousand-Tongued Throne:

There is no literal Thousand-Tongued Throne. The name is merely a metaphor for the function of the organization. Thousand-Tongued to emphasize the Throne's natures as the voice for the people of the world and "throne" to suggest the scope of the organizations power. And neither is inaccurate. The Thousand-Tongued Council has agents the world over, all seeking to promote the collective good.

With so much evil in the world, such a group is of vital importance but its resources, though vast, are stretched thin. As such it is all the Throne can do to keep peace in the world. When pressed with hard choices, the Throne isn't about fixing every minuscule problem and making the world a utopia. It is interested in peace and nothing else. The Throne almost always finds dictators. As long as a dictator doesn't start any unjust wars, the Throne is likely to leave him or her in peace. But whenever a massive threat looms over the world, it is the Throne that strikes it down. Whenever war breaks out, the Throne allies itself with one side or the other (almost always the winning side so as to end the war quicker).

The Throne is separated into several branches. There is the Financial Branch, which works to ensure fair trade. There is the Information Branch, which supports the other branches with spies and safe-houses across the globe. There is the Advisory Branch which helps fledgling and struggling nations make the most of what they have to work with. There is the Military Branch, whose presence on the battlefield is often a deciding force. And there is the Bureaucratic Branch, which oversees the Throne and makes sure it runs smoothly and correctly. You belong to none of these branches.


The Military Branch of the Thousand-Tongued Throne is much like a traditional army. It is mostly foot soldiers and cavalry, siege weapons and generals. It is suited for traditional, force against force warfare. When something else is needed, the Peacekeepers are called in.

Peacekeepers are the elite of the elite. Whenever an Old Thing awakens or demons spill into reality, it is the Peacekeepers who are called. They operate in cells of four with deadly efficiency, each team the equivalent of a battalion of infantry. With greater mobility, flexibility of command and adaptability, the cells are often more effective as well.

The Peacekeepers are the fist of the Throne. When all others fail, the job falls to them. If the Peacekeepers appear, one of two things can be assumed. Either someone is about to be made an example of with extreme force or the situation is so completely desperate that no other option is available. Peacekeepers are well-armed, well-trained and well-paid. Not just any with the requisite skill can become a Peacekeeper, it takes extreme dedication and perseverance. But when the title of Peacekeeper is achieve, the bearer knows that they are the worlds greatest hope for continued existence.

You are a Peacekeeper.

Welcome to a world of monsters. Welcome to a world where you are the scariest thing that goes bump in the night.

Matthew Tucker
Isamu Souka
Red will have 150 at level 12, then it'll be 200 at lvl 13 when the paragon bonus to speed goes from x1.5 to x2. Than 220 at lvl 16 from the AA stuff which is doubled. Than at lvl 17, it goes to 330 when the paragon bonus goes from x2 to x3. Than at lvl 20, it goes to 360.

@Ryfte- It is extremely broken XD But now I'm thinking that he's more of a direct melee combat rather than in and out @_@

Originally Posted by Kansas View Post
30ft...I am slow.
Don't worry so is Zilpha, 30ft normal speed. Though she can pop a few darkness to get perfect flight for a round with like 200ft move rate...but I can also then teleport that distance during all of that.

Originally Posted by Xeiro View Post
Don't worry so is Zilpha, 30ft normal speed. Though she can pop a few darkness to get perfect flight for a round with like 200ft move rate...but I can also then teleport that distance during all of that.
I figure I will just have to be really good at chucking rocks at people since everyone else is going to get to them first...

The really interesting part of it is that most of the other work is really balanced well, and scales well, but that seems to jump outside those parameters to game breaking, lol. Or, if nothing else, exceedingly exploitable!

Add closes in two days. For all of you who haven't completed your applications and would still like to do so, you've got time but not much.

All my love,

Yeesh. Gotta get crackin'! Having it all planned out in my head does me no good if it's not submitted on time...

The add closes at midnight tonight and accepted players will be sent PMs sometime tomorrow. I will also post a list of who has been accepted in this thread.

Ooooooohhhh, nice!! I was just hoping to find a gestalted monstrous game!

Now, on to my strange question. I'd like to play a Blue Slaad. Now, I realize they are quite high powered, but I have seen low-powered versions of them (most obviously taking away their spell-like abilities). Would it be possible to work with you to create a Blue Slaad that would count for only one side of the gestalt (I.E. 10 levels worth)? If you'd rather not, I understand, especially considering the ad closes tonight. No worries either way

If you go to the charcreation thread. It'll show you the critters you can use. I don't know if slaads are on the list... but something like them should be.

Also keep in mind: 1- we're the good guys. And 2- frankly, a slaad is nothing compared to what most of our builds are capable of.

@TanaNari: I've seen the list and will have to look at them way more in-depth to see if something is close.

I'm quite aware we are the good guys. Slaadi are merely chaotic, not evil.

Also, I'm not overly concerned with trying to make the most insane build possible (as some applicants are that way). Slaadi have good flavor. 'Nuff said.

EDIT: More than likely I'll rescind my interest / application, since I doubt I'll have any time before the thread closes. Cheers everybody!


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