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Only War! New 40k rpg

Only War! New 40k rpg

I was wondering what happened to this title. It was originally listed as a Dark Heresy supplement but has apparently made the leap from supplement to full fledged "stand alone" 40k rpg.

I look forward to it as a stand alone game, but I also look forward to seeing how much of it can be used as a supplement for Rogue Trader. Troops, barracks, dropships, etc. Maybe some alternative mass combat rules. I definitely want to see what they come up with for the Sanctioned Psyker.


Looks cool. I had been thinking of how to run a Dark Heresy game where all the players were Guardsmen. Now I know.

Cool. If they don't include rules for being a Commissar, I will cry.

Seeing as one is on the cover, I think it's a safe bet that they're there.

If anyone is going to run a Gaunt's Ghosts game (I'm looking at you, Vox!), I will march myself to the FLGS and pick this up as soon as possible. The Guard have always been my favorite part(alongside the Eldar) of the warhammer 40,000 universe.

EDIT: In addition, any small-scale, scout/tactical game would be an option too.

Personally, I think that this sort of setup would be better suited to a Dirty Dozen or Guns of Navvarone type game focusing on a team of specialized guardsmen, rather than the meat grinder of ground combat in 40k where you're as likely to be killed by your own artillery or moral officer as the enemy. There was a game mode like that in the last edition of 40K, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

Kill Team, I believe. There were rules for small skirmishes in WH40k 4th edition.

Right! Yeah, this rule set would be ideal for Kill Team style games I'd bet.

Says the book's dropping in autumn. Isn't 6th edition due out before then? It'll be interesting to see if they bring back something like the old Kill Team rules. I know that the GameWorkshop stores still run Kill Team competitions from time to time.

While Im fairly new at 40k. I can say that this cannot come at a better time even though I'm kinda running out of steam in one of my games in which some of the agents are still planetside and awaiting battles to be determined in time. I havent had the time to really flesh out a mass battle in which I wanted to use the horde vs horde rules and set up objectives for the game but over the years Ive seen at least what I can count on my hands the number of all guardsmen games. I do hope it can include things like endeavors and objectives for xp and points. Maybe use rules like infamy. It just seems that FFG is bringing war to our frontstep. Cool. The possibilities for this is vast in theory. I would hope that they have more career paths to pick from so that I can include them in game. I'm really going to dig the specialties for the guardsmen.


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