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Only War! New 40k rpg

--casts Resurrection--

The BETA has been released to the public, as well as a free adventure, Eleventh Hour.

Enjoy! I plan on getting my copy tonight. On an semi-related note, Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition pre-orders went live today, and the book looks great.

Yikes, charging for the beta.. I'll change that.

Allow me to correct. It is not a Free Beta. You have to get the beta as a watermarked PDF for 20 bucks from one of the two providers. I already looked deeper into it. It bugged me a little given I thought it was free (it is a Beta after all), but at the same time given the amount of stuff they are including in this game book I can't say I'm shocked.

My excitement flared and dimmed.

I just bought it. Buying the BETA knocks $20 off the price of the pdf when it's released this fall, so it isn't that bad a deal IMHO. I would have bought the pdf when it was released anyway.


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