Olympus Eberron Sandbox-ish

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Olympus Eberron Sandbox-ish

Olympus Eberron Sandbox-ish - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Eberron
Estimated Members Requested: 5

We start in Sharn, the City of dreams.

34 pt buy

Level 3 Max HP
Max gold from level 1, No adjusted wealth

If you want to play a half dragon/ half angel with a 2nd personality, and maybe lycropathy.. I am Not your GM

If you want to play any traditional fantasy race from eberron, Noble born or poor; or a Scrappy Goblin rogue,
then this will be an Awesome game.

Throw an application in the application thread in the game forum.

Questions welcome newbies welcome.
I'm looking for people that can jam together and post often (5-10 a week)

Non-evil characters, non-douchy players accepted.
Be a team-player and all that.
Just 'posting interest' earns you nothing. At least put a character or two as a work in progress in the Application Thread

House setting/Rules
Gods of the pantheon are tweeked. We will use the Greek Pantheon in place of The Sovergn Host.
The Titans will play the 'evil' gods. The various cults are tied to Prometheus. If you want to play a cleric or paladin I can give more details.
Destiny points are used; much like their use in SW SAGA, if your not familiar I'll get details later, super easy, super fun.
Charisma Modifier earns you Contacts, either Positive or Negative
No Sorcerers, no Psionics, other then that all classes are game.

From my game planning thread I got a mixed result of wanting Dungeon crawl vs Sandbox.
I will try to run a hybrid of the two in balance.

Game Description:

The powers that reside in the Conquering Heights of the world have compromised a finespun peace among the nations.

Other worldly powers plot against the few that protect this world that seem to have kept them at bay since the beginning of time.

The stage is set for our Heroes.
Who are You?
Or more importantly, Who will you Become?

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Just a point of curiosity. Why the olimpian gods? Eberron is a world with many things set in it... is it an important plot point that it have different gods, or just a flavor tweak you prefer?

Hello WM! I really enjoyed your other game but because of players fading it kind of faded as well. Would I be able to apply or would you rather I not apply to this one? Thanks!

If so I was thinking maybe an Elven Scout or Dwarven Fighter.

Will have something up today/tommorrow.

Interested. Likely a warforged in a martial class though ill think on it.

EDIT: Would a paladin of Hephaestas be out of line?

With Olympian gods, will you be adding at least some aspect of classic shame-and-honor (as opposed to modern guilt-and-morality) -based standards?

@ Wiz, I find the Olympus Pantheon has more depth and texture then the Box-text of the eberron book.
I can add as many details in the game as my history text provides, also its not a complete waste of time, we are learning a bit of greek mythology.
There is a pantheon for every D&D setting out there, do we really need Another. It also allows ease of recognition.
You see a War-Priest of Ares rings better then you meet the gaze of a follower of Garyx.
More info on my house setting https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...rSg958aXM/edit

@Pondonis, Sure, It'll be great to game with you again. Some of the surprizes may already be out of the hat for you, but I had to re-create all my maps since my hard-drive crashed (one of the reasons the last game died)

@King of the Jakes, I see Hephaestas as more the god of craftsmen, you will likely see an idol of him in shops of crafted goods and workshops. I can see a paladin of Hephaestas as like a labor union leader. A warforged palidin of Hephaestas makes a lot of since though I'll have a lot of questions about the characters views on current issues and conspiracies.

@Ikul, I always viewed the alignments kinda loosely. They are there to easily convey to players and GMs what to expect from that character. Even the lawful of the lawful Cops (in tv) will kick down the door illegally if they are sure its the serial killers hideout. s/he can sort out the logistics of the law in that situation in the after report. If it really is the hideout, IA won't look too closely. In the real Greek classical age each temple would have a slightly different viewed on that god and his/her views and powers. If your god is view a little different then the temples in sharn, the preist won't turn you down. They know these ideas change with geography and time.
Again: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...rSg958aXM/edit

I hope that clears some things up* Cheers

I don't enjoy sounding pedantic, but it's really bugging me. The god it called 'Hephaestus', or 'Hephaistos', depending on if you'd prefer respectively Latin or Greek spelling, but it's not "Hephaestas".

Cool, well thats the plan im going to work on. And hopefully you won't take issue if i barrage you with questions.
For one. Is greek culture going to bleed into the game? Seeing as many greek myths have the olympians taking very active roles in the world. Which is pretty much the opposite of eberrons default gods. Along those lines is Sharn going to pay homage to a patron?


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