Gunslingers and Gamblers: A Certain Kind of Fool

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Gunslingers and Gamblers: A Certain Kind of Fool

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Following the discovery of Gold in 1849, hundreds of thousands rushed to California in search of fame and fortune. Three decades later the original deposits may have been gone, but fortunes could still be made in the West, and people still made the journey. Many were unsuccessful, and some had family who wanted them back. Rebecca Hart was one of the latter. The young daughter of a family of English Immigrants, she travelled out West in 1877. Six years later, her family finally makes an attempt to find her, and bring her home if they can...

This game will use the Gunslingers and Gamblers rule set, with a few house rules to adapt them to the PbP setting. Players new to the setting are welcome: I tend to play fairly rules light anyway, and I’m happy to help with character creation and any other problems you might have. I’m looking for five players to take on the roles of the group as they look for Miss Rebecca Hart in what could only be called the “Wild” West. Ideally, the party would be led by one of the girl’s brothers (two- John (b. 1858) and Henry (b. 1865) are already named in the backstory, but applications for a third are also welcome), while the rest of the party would be companions of various ilks: a combination of friends and/or hired guns. To apply, please post a character description in the application thread on the forum.

As a GM, this is the first game I’ll have run through PbP, but I have run a few games with my friends before. This is a rerun of my first game, which proved quite successful before, so I thought I’d give it another go. As I say, I play rules light, with more focus on the story, although I do ask for rolls relatively frequently. The campaign will be episodic, with each part taking place in a new location on your journey, in the style of a TV miniseries. I post as much as I can, but I won’t hold players to a tight schedule, although I’m looking for a minimum of 4 posts a week from each player. If there’s anything else you want to know about the game, feel free to ask.

It is late May 1883, and a small party have left New York, bound for California and the search for a girl who hasn’t been seen in 6 years...

Game Description:

As European populations boomed in the 1870s, people emigrated to America in their thousands, led there by stories of adventure and opportunity as the country expanded to the West. One such family, the Harts from Clerkenwell in Middlesex, never made it beyond New York, where they settled down to a life of industry in 1873. Only one member got further: the family’s teenage daughter, Rebecca. Wanting more adventure in her life, she ran away to California in ‘77, in the company of a young man from Pennsylvania. Ashamed of their daughter, her parents initially denied her, but the years softened them. Six years have passed, and following the recent death of his wife, Mr James Hart has finally resolved to find his eldest daughter. The family are moving West as they’d always hoped, but a small party is going ahead to find the prodigal child. Armed with only a handful of letters, and a physical description from six years ago, they want only to bring her back to her family, if she yet lives...

I'm afraid I don't know the Sacketts, but they sound good Mechanically, I don't think it makes a lot of difference what people you choose, although other tribes might react to you in different ways... I believe the part of California you'll be starting in was populated by the Paiute, and the Shoshone were quite close by too if that helps My last group consisted of an Englishman, an Irishman and a Kentuckian, so it didn't really come up

I've got no clue how to play, but I'm still interested. I'll look it up. For ideas, I'm thinking an
read:Steve Irwin
Australian who loves wildlife. He took a ferry to California in the early 40's, then trekked across America to observe and examine all the animals he could. Basically, while everyone else was traveling out West, he was traveling out East. He ended up in Pennsylvania, where he finally settled down and started a cartography business, using his trek to make maps. The family came to him as he knew the lay of the land, and all of the different animals. Also, I like typing an Australian accent.

I quite like the idea of Henry, the youngest brother, as I feel he'll likely be more apt to adapt his worldview to the West. Perhaps he even holds romantic dreams of donning a sixgun and becoming a bandit like the highwaymen of his homeland.

Barring that I like the idea of playing a scout, older and a bit grizzled, perhaps a veteran of the Civil War,

Okay, I looked up some info on the game. Now I'm heavily tempted by a Japanese immigrant. A Buddhist monk, he learned of what was happening in the Americas, all of the acts of greed and envy, and took it upon himself to journey and help these people on the path to Enlightenment. He eventually ended up in Pennsylvania, where he started a monastery. From a young age, Rebecca visited his monastery, and he quickly became a mentor to the young girl. He watched her grow up, and imparted his wisdom on her. Eventually, she came to him with her decision to run away with the man, looking for advice. He told her to follow her heart and her path, for following one's heart and wishes are paramount to reaching Enlightenment. When the Harts reveal their decision to search for her, he decides to go with them. He has preached all he can to the people in their town, and greed and envy still exists in other parts of America. He also wishes to see how young Rebecca is doing, and perhaps prevent their parents from making a tragic mistake and dragging the girl back to Pennsylvania, away from where she is happy.

Does this sound like a good idea? In gameplay terms: I was thinking the Hippocratic Oath and Pious quirks. I was also thinking of a homebrew Quirk: Forgiving. Receive a chip whenever you forgive someone who has done you or your allies severe wrong. This means you don't get a chip if you forgive someone who, say, insulted you, as that's a relatively minor thing (unless it was a very, very offensive and hard to look past insult). On the other end, some things are just impossible to forgive, such as the murder of a close personal friend. was Rikus fault the girl ran away ey?...mystery solved..hang '

Not my fault! She wanted to do it, and I told her to do what felt right. I at no time said "Running away sounds like a good idea".

The Sacketts... I'm a huge Louis L'Amour reader.
I looked them up, they seem like the same sort of family as the Harts, just having been there a while longer. So yes, it seems like a good idea for a character here. Maybe one of the younger sons is a personal friend of the family?

I quite like the idea of Henry, the youngest brother, as I feel he'll likely be more apt to adapt his worldview to the West. Perhaps he even holds romantic dreams of donning a sixgun and becoming a bandit like the highwaymen of his homeland.
I'm in favour of that, he would have grown up with stories like that in the Penny Dreadfuls in London, and stories of the various outlaws of the West after he moved, so yes that's great. Also, it means that we have one of the brothers covered

Riku's Buddhist Monk (and the Australian dude)
I like both of those ideas, although I like the monk a bit more. He'd give an interesting dynamic to the party with his outlook on the world. However, I think that Rebecca ran away more as a spur of the moment thing- she got caught up in the mood and didn't really think about it. Maybe he helped the family to move on? Or it was his help that allowed James and Margaret to forgive their daughter?

Yeah, I'll go with the whole "helped them forgive" thing. Still reading through all the gameplay stuff, but it seems pretty straightforward and, more importantly, interesting. This game sounds like it could be really, really sweet. :P Also, he would most likely be a pacifist, because fighting is bad. Letting go of hatred is one of the very first steps to Enlightenment.

The only thing so far that I'm not quite sure about is chips...are these like..action points in 3.5? one seems to use them in that


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