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Voice Clips

Voice Clips

As a podcaster, I like talking into a mic. And I've always had fun doing voices. For the past few months, I've had visions of getting into voice acting, and while that may or may not happen, I thought I'd shout out to the community here and see if any of you wanted to have recorded voice clips to use in your games. I will gladly record any clips you guys want to use and make them available for your games.

I have a deeper, male voice, but I can pull off a few different sounds. Please list any voice qualities you're looking for in the clip.

Many voice actors post what would be a resume of voice work. Perhaps an audio file of different examples including ranges and accent attempts?

Use sound cloud. Easy to link... Don't think it's offsite advertising? Am I wrong? It's free to use for some clips then pay for others?

Just saying it's extremely easy to link a URL and let us listen.

yeah, i might be interested in having this for a game or two.

Its definatly not against the site rules as long as you dont use it as advertisment for another site, object, place ect.

Do you have any sample work that we can preview?
I have been entertaining the idea of narration in addition to text prologue for awhile; you posting that you would be willing to experiment on MW in that capacity just seemed very fortuitous.

I don't have a resume. I'm not a voice actor, I'm a podcaster. I have over 100 episodes of me talking on the mic if you want to hear my voice. Check my signature.

And, there's no charge for this. I'm a gamer, you guys are gamers. I enjoy doing things with my voice and have offered to record for you guys.

I can put something together with different voices, etc, later. For now, I'll link you to a (very) old news clip I recorded for a Hunter game in 2009.

I totally missed that. Coffee hasn't kicked in and it looks like it was a bad week to give up sniffing glue too.

Thank you again, DVUS!

I for one, sincerely appreciate the offer!

After listening to that clip, the only thing that's missing DVUS, is the station plug in at the end of the cast.

"This is AP Network News..."

Professional and entirely believable! I'm sold!

Glad you liked it, Jackson.

BTW, I'm Devon on the podcast, if anyone wants to identify me, there.


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