Chapter 1 - A Gathering of Many, A Choosing of Few

As Raen follows Ara, his hands automatically shift to rest on the hilts of his weapons, a habit he has long fell into. His eyes scan around the compound,
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looking for anything of interest. He also looks to see how many guards there are, and where they are posted. Just in case things turn sour, he thinks to himself. He would be damned if he was going to fall into another ambush after what his last mistake cost him.

There are 2 guards sitting outside the Barracks, sharpening their swords. Outside of Eclipse Keep there are two figures, though you cannot make out whether they are guards or not, nor what they carry. The Guest Quarters are unguarded, and the Council's headquarters has a pair of guards at its southern-most entrance.

"Hmmm... I suppose that I will have to pay attention to the other 'members', here." "Guys, I don't know about you, but I think that for now we should just do as told. We had just enough emotions for the day. And I'd like a little bit of rest."

Lorem begins walking towards the Sunset keep, in the meanwhile, he
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observes his surroundings, focusing his attention on the fortifications and eventual defence systems.

"The gods are hunting them down, hn? ... I wonder if Talos is among these gods..."

Raen nods at Lorem's suggestion. "Indeed, a rest would be welcome. I am intrigued to see how the develops and what the order can offer us."

Motioning towards the guards"Is there a place to wash and rest my feet here good guards?" He is too trusting sometimes, but his instincts told him to keep a hand near his blade, these people did not seem friendly... The guards at the front gate were itching to start a brawl right there.

The guards eventually gave admission to the compound, and Garak continued to say nothing. They were greeted and given a brief overview of the grounds before being dismissed for the rest of the day.

He suspected that they would each be observed during the time that they waited for the council to covene. Afterall, it was likely that spies would attempt to infiltrate the Order, especially if the gods themselves were interested in fighting against the Order.

It mattered little though to Garak. He was here to stand against those gods...the ones that allowed his family to perish despite their loyal patronage.

"Bastards." It was a solitary word that escaped his lips unconsciously at the mention of gods during their introduction. He did not even realize it had been uttered.

When they were dismissed, he headed for the building they were given access to. He was naturally curious, and figured that his time to explore had officially started. He would begin with the building where they had permission, and would perhpas move later to the buildings where they did not.

The others began to discuss their plans, and Garak took the opportunity to move away from the group and seek out the first of the three buildings. He gave a quick inspection of the door prior to entering the building...

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Kohl padded along beside him. They walked as a pair, as if silently agreeing as to their destination. Kohl probably knew that once inside he would be free of the barding and gear, and would have some food and water waiting.

"See I told you! She was speaking something about dark gods, dark isn't good is it now?" Joachim was happy to have something more concrete then an address in the middle of the desert. Being a little sceptical about the other people and the "organization" itself he was constantly looking around his left hand resided next to his blade always ready to snatch it from his blade, but then should a fight break out his first concern would to grant safety of his wife, after all she was no used to this kind of adventuring. His wife yes ...

*clapp* another time he feels the hand of his woman. "You couldn't be more discreet could you? What if this was a bloodthirsty cult of sorts? We probably would be dead meat by now... and there are some characters I don't trust ..." her eyes wander to Garak. "Sorry sorry, I didn't think of that! Joachim apologises to Gerwin "But, it went well we are a little closer to an actual objective are you not? did you not complain about that before? So now we ..." Joachim shrugs. Under this clumsy movement his armor moves up and down with a clank.

"Yes rest would be nice!" Joachim is stopped from his speech. His wife had shifted the attention to the speaking Lorem. "I do not know to much about this camp, but that Keep looks accommodating enough." She begins to move next to the man who spoke a second before ignoring Garaks word, with the same direction as the first. Joachim who lost a second until realising that his wife just had left him standing in the middle of the square shrugs again *clonk* and puts up his hands in an apologising manner facing the other adventurers here present and turns around trying to catch up with his wife, which looks slightly funny since he is moving under his 50 pound heavy armor. A
for those as addicted as I on Final Fantasy I imagining this as the moving Steiner of FF9
Tin-man on the run.

Raen feels a smile drift over his lips as he regards the married couple. They would prove interesting companions for sure. And the man named Garak, with his pet. He posed some intriguing questions. Watching as Garak breaks away from the group on his own, and feeling satisfied that there is no immediate danger from the guards, Raen turns his attention to the closest of the group. Following Lorem to the keep, he turns and speaks out to the rest of the newl assembled group.

"Let us see what this keep holds. Maybe they will have something of a notable quality to quench our thirst." As he reaches Lorem at the door, he says
Out of earshot of any guards
quietly to him and any of the group that have followed him to the doorway, "I suggest that at least one of us remain vigilant and ready for trouble. And be wary of what you say, I have no doubt that we will be observed."

Gerwin looked at the man with an ironic expression "I am certain that we all are at this point looking out for any troubles, and even though my husband doesn't appears to weary of this situation even he" a expression as if she had bitten into a lemon "is ready to act immediately should it be necessary, as for all of us we know best what is for us, I must say we haven't met yet, and I am quiet forward on this I don't trust you that much". She seems not to aggressive on her words more logically pointing out the facts.

"Woman don't be so cold, we all have to get to know each other, but why not show a little trust, so we can be trusted more easily!" with this Joachim moves up and stretches his arm to greet the other man. "I am Joachim like said at the gate, we have though never been properly introduced, I suggest our group to sit together later on, since we will most likely be working together, right? Oh and don't mind my wife, you know she has a good heart in the end" these words are almost as if said to convince himself. Friendliness shines out of his face. His action earn him a side view of his wife and if she would be near enough she probably would have hit him once more...

Laus nods at Ara, keeping his hands at his sides and conspicuously off of the blade at his hip. If he was to gain entrance, he would have to give these people reason to trust him. Through the tour, he kept his mouth shut and took note of the buildings that were pointed out. When motioned to the Sunset Keep, he followed the others with a cheery smile. He quietly sat through the others' chatting, acting as if he did not here. The one that introduced himself as Raen suggested keeping a watch. Bah, what an idea. Maybe they should run up to the Elders and tell them that we think we are going to get murdered in our sleep? Instead of voicing that, he gave a polite nod, ambiguous in nature, but it would be taken for agreement. Jaochim, however, he liked. Nice, trusting, easygoing. The perfect sucker. "Yes, brilliant idea, friend. After all, if we are to work together, we should know one another." Laus' emerald eyes twinkled as they did when he was engaged in conversation, more when he was fast-talking someone. He was interested to find out about these others, about how he could best get their aid if he should need it.


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