Chapter 1 - A Gathering of Many, A Choosing of Few


The rest of the group, composed of Raen, Lorem, Garak, Joachim, Gerwin, Laus, Korakk, Zetroc, Delphine, and Elonsa, head into the Sunset Keep compound. Guided by Ara, the group enters a large anteroom, with corridors visible beyond. Four large columns support the room's high ceiling, and to your left, a large wooden staircase winds upwards to the second floor. As Ara leads you further into the room, those looking about can see several paintings hung on each side of the room. A common theme runs through them, one individual bowing down to another, though you cannot make out the exact details from this distance. When you get to the corridors, Ara stops near their mouths.

"To your right, this hallway leads to the library, and further down into a study room. To your left, you will find storerooms, and beyond that a small smithy for weapon repairs and adjustments."
Motioning back the way you came, Ara adds, "Upstairs you will find several bedrooms, as well as bathrooms and the like."

"Do you have any questions for me, before I leave you for now? I must speak with the Council, they are waiting for me..."

Gerwin looks along the way leading to the bedrooms "Do we have the privilege to have an assigned bedroom, actually do we have a bedroom for our own? Or should we occupy one on our own, don't we have the right to stay for the night?" Joachim watches his wife then moves forwards. "Please don't mind her if she seemed harsh its that this is just many thing that we have no clue about and so much things that we ... well we don't know yet." Looking around he then asks "Is there perhaps some place were we could sit down and wait until we are received by the leaders of the order if we are?"

"In case we don't have assigned bedrooms, I call dibs on the biggest one."

Lorem wanted nothing more but to rest on a real bed, but he focused his sight on the hallway that led to the library.

Maybe I'll go and check it out, later... "I suggest we make introductions after we refreshed ourselves a little. I'm full of sand..."

"Reserved quaint!" Ara replies, chuckling slightly. "No, the beds get little use as it is, take whichever ones you want. As for a sitting room, try the study or the library, both should be adequate for your needs."

For those that choose to head upstairs, a large hallway leads down the length of the Keep. 10 doors adorn each side of it, for a total of 20 rooms, some bigger than others. Three of the left-side doors are open, revealing medium-size rooms with medium-size beds, and four similar rooms are open to the right. The rest of the doors are closed.

Joachim looks into the round. "So I propose we adjourn the travel to the beds and move to one of those rooms, I am sure there will be accommodative sitting opportunities as well!" with this the tall man in shiny armor and blond hair looks to his wife in an asking way. Gerwin shrugs "I for one am going to take a look at the rooms, perhaps I come down and join you later."

With the permission given Joachim decides to move direction study room. Suddenly it strikes his mind. *clonk* *clonk* ... "This is really uncomfortable ..." he looks into the round with a down face half apologising. "Well I guess I will move to the room myself for now taking this of ... in this heat the last thing I want to do is run around in this" she shakes a little and the armor gives away its best. "Well I see you in a minute then guys"

Uhmmmm... As much as I want to sleep, I suppose that we will have to stay awake because we will be soon called... So, I suppose I'll go and sit in the library. "Thanks for everything, lady. I suppose I'll go and sit in the library like... Joachim, right? Suggested."

Said that, Meinos did a little bow and then began to walk in the direction of the library.

Garak paused long enough to listen to the words spoken by the rest of the new people to the compound. It seemed like they would be the ones with whom he would be assigned. He studied each of them, looking into their eyes as if trying to take a glance at their very souls. There were some that had already cast sour glances his way, but he cared not. He was not here to make friends. He was here to settle a score with the gods themselves. If these people could help him, then he was happy to make an effort to keep them alive. If they stopped serving a purpose for him, then they were disposable.

Once he was satisfied that his inspection was complete, he scratched Kohl on the head briefly and headed for the study. It would have a place for him to remove the dog's armor, eat some food, and relax a bit before meeting with the Order.

Without even a sound, he headed for the study. If the others wanted to make introductions and begin to form friendships, that was great. For Garak, friends only caused emotions to get in the way when important decisions needed to be made. For him, he didn't want to have any feelings for anybody ever again. He did not want to jeopardize his life unnecessarily for another, and having friends meant that he would have to possibly risk his life for theirs. Though it appeared that he would work with a team, and though he would do his best to make sure they succeeded in their efforts, he would not even begin to put his life at risk for one of these people.

The world was cold to him and gave little comfort. He only wanted to make his mark on it before he found permanent rest for his tortured soul.

Once in the study, Garak immediately began to remove Kohl's armor. Once it was off, he gave the dog a bit of food and some water. Once satisfied that Kohl was taken care of, Garak sat on the floor, closed his eyes, and began to meditate. He focused on his mission, on the emotions that raged through his mind and body, and attempted to channel them into a source of power upon which he could draw later. Since the murders of his family members, Garak had often lost control, which resulted in a furious killing spree. He found that meditations helped him to stay just barely on the safe side of the line of sanity.

He knew that within the walls of this compound was not a place to lose control...

Kashue leaved for a while while Ara briefed them, he went towards the barracks without saying a word, and no one seemed to take him into account as he disapeared.
He entered the Sunset Keep a little while later, the newcomers where still asking their last questions to Ara, and they seemed to be heading towards the study afterwards.
I will take care of them until they are called
He said to Ara, Kashue was still wearing the same, and he was still carrying his weapons, but he was carrying a large clay jug over his shoulder, and there was a small stack of bowl in the other hand.
The sandrider then walked towards the library, he motioned the others to follow him with his head, but he didn't said a word.

The Sandrider, already being a member of the organization, was one to get in good graces with, Laus decided. As such, he followed him into the library, looking around at all of the books. He personally was not terribly fond of books. Oh, he saw their usefulness, and he knew how to read and write, but it was just that he thought that knowledge gained from a book was inferior to that gained from experience. A look of slight distaste, and he took another look around the library. Ah, a table. Laus headed for one of the open chairs and took a seat. Turning to face the Sandrider, he spoke, "So, how long have you been in this little group?" Making conversation was something Laus was skilled at. In the arena of debate, he was armed to the teeth.

Originally Posted by MoreDread View Post
"Woman don't be so cold, we all have to get to know each other, but why not show a little trust, so we can be trusted more easily!" with this Joachim moves up and stretches his arm to greet the other man. "I am Joachim like said at the gate, we have though never been properly introduced, I suggest our group to sit together later on, since we will most likely be working together, right? Oh and don't mind my wife, you know she has a good heart in the end" these words are almost as if said to convince himself. Friendliness shines out of his face. His action earn him a side view of his wife and if she would be near enough she probably would have hit him once more...
As the man extends his hand, Raen does the same and grips it, a firm and strong grip is returned. "An honour to meet you Joachim." he says with a curt nod. With that he enters the building.


As the group splits up from the main room, Raen nods a farewell to Joachim and his wife. Noticing Lorem head to the library, he makes a mental noto to talk with the man before long, and introduce himself properly. But for the time being he stayed in the main room. Finding a apcious corner, Raen slips his sword belt off and places it on a chair close to him. He then drops into a fighting stance, and starts to move through one of the intricate forms Master Peylor had taught him. His steps and strikes take him across the hallway, and as he finishes the last move of the sequence he flows fluidly into the second. After about fifteen minutes of the practice, Raen seems satisfied and returns to his weapons. Re strapping the belt to his waist, he moves off down the hallway to join those who have entered the study.

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