Chapter 1 - A Gathering of Many, A Choosing of Few

While Meinos walked away, he noticed that somoeone was walking in his same direction. He remembered his most recent words. He would take care of them...

"So, I suppose that you know something else about this order... More than us, probably. You're already a member?"

Going to the place where the guards had said, Tamrik cleans himself up. After this he wonders what happened to the others. He wanders the small ton eventually finding them inside the Sunset Keep as he remembered it being called. Hearing Lorem speak about the biggest room, he speaks out a little. "Perhaps the largest room should be given to those who are slightly larger than you. Or we could all draw straws to see who wins the room if anybody else wants it. Besides, I highly doubt any person gets their own room unless they are higher in the command pole than entry level guys like us." He says with a smile, knowing this little man will argue the point with him, only to pretend he is superior to everybody else. Who calls dibs in a compound that isn't even theirs anyway? he smiles again at the thought.

Those entering the library, the first thing that strikes you is the sheer size of the library. It's not the biggest in the Realms, but for such a locale, its size is impressive. Rows upon rows of books lie neatly on bookshelves, and small notes attached to the side of each bookcase informs patrons as to its contents. Beyond the shelves, several desks and tables are set up as a makeshift reading room. A few of the library's patrons turn to look at the loud new arrivals, but soon return to their business.

For those that head for the study, the room itself is round, with tables and desks filling its center. Around the walls, doors can be seen, presumably leading into smaller private rooms, and a few empty shelves can be seen for returning reading materials taken from the library. At this time of day the study is empty, save for a couple of discarded books on a table.
Garak and his companion headed straight for one of the private rooms, making sure to close the door behind them, the only sound being the loud clank of armor being removed.

Kashue entered the library and kept walking, he didn't stopped when Laus sat down near one of the tables, but he answered him as he continued walking towards the door in the back.
Half a year
He passed throught the door and entered the study, where he placed the bowls and the jar in the table, he then proceded to take out his backpack and the huge sword on his back, and he placed them near him, he unceremoneously took a chair and sat down.
And yes, i am a member of the order, he responded to Meinos, althought this was obvious.
He started filling the small bowls with water from the jar, and gave one to each of those who decided to come with him, he then took one for himself and drank some water.


Lorem took the water offered to him and he drank it slowly, savoring every drop of it. It was not that fresh, but it was water nonetheless.

"That was good..." Then, he gave his interlocutor attention one more time. "Sorry, but I don't think I caught your name. I'm Lorem." He offered the member of the order his hand, to shake, of course.

Kashue hesitated for a moment, he has been half a year in this camp, but the customs of those outside the desert where still un-natural to him, and he normally delayed his reactions for a moment to make shure he uses the right one.
He shaked Lorem's hand and said "Kashue, the Bedine, but everybody here calls me sandrider".

"Sandrider? Interesting... I suppose that you know really well the desert, then..." Lorem drank another sip of his water. "Well... I have a surname as well, but it's only for the ladies' use, since they're the only ones who can see my bare back. It's 'Two-Thunders'."

Then, Lorem began to observe the library. There were many, many books. He would probably need a hand just to decide what he would like to read... Then, he came to his mind.

"Are there... Books about the planes?"

Kashue clumsily released Loriem's hand, even after spending half a year here, he's still not used to the customs of those outside the sand sea. Then he responds the question
"More than a third of the books in the library are about the planes"

I'm asuming the order haves a sheer amount of boks about the planes, you know, being the house of their foes and all.. I'll also asume there are large amounts of books regarding god's lore, theology , magic (both divine and arcane) and history, in case any another question regarding books arises

"Wow... That's good." Lorem felt something inside him stir, at that sentence. The planes... Good. He would have something to do during the free planes.

"So... Do you think we will have to wait much, for us to be summoned?" He asked, even if he just couldn't wait to ravage that library.

Meanwhile upstairs: Joachim lost track of his wife and only sees the first door on the left close. Hlaf hesitating he knocks onto the door and as there is no response he opens it a inch and spots inside, just enough to reveal his head. "Come in you big cluts!" A short argumentation, on how stupid her husband was, later Gerwin starts getting him out of the armor...

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