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Roll20 -- Virtual tabletop gaming that tells a story

That does look pretty cool. I'm going to have to try this sometime.

The map is very easy to set up and players can maneuver tokens and the map when DM's are not there. This is perfect for play by post maps!

Ok this is proving to be awesome so far. I could see just running casual RP Hangouts on Google+.

It's would be a good tool for people that like the tactical side of RPing, but I like the actual roleplaying and the non-combat skills in any game system.


Any one else seen this yet? Looks very interesting...

But... but I feel like I'd have to put pants on...

Threads merged. Yes, it's been noticed.

I am about to start a weekly game on this with some friends, using Pathfinder. I am going to be running the Second Darkness adventurer path (anyone run it and have pointers?

Their mapping shows real promise but needs work. I would install a local app to get alt+zoom back. Scaling is a challenge, I eventully turned the grid off and used the ones on the maps, or drew my own in photoshop if I had to. Pick an object (I used a stock ranger fig) to represent a medium object, scale everything off that to the same amount visually. Seems to work well. 100% should be for combat. Normal travel would probably be 20-30%. Oh, and *definitely* trim your "table size" right to the edge of the map...

Not really into the rest yet, but macros looks promising, and the game handouts look like they may be cool.

I would check it out, I think I am going to pay them. They have a solid start and I would like to see what they have in mind.


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