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The man who once owned everything the pirate king, Gold Roger. The words he said before his death sent all the people of the world out to the seas.

“My treasure? If you want it, I’ll give it to you! Find it! I left everything in that place.”
Men searching for romance, pushed forward towards the Grand Line. The world is now in the Grand Age of Pirates!

Game Description:

This is a One Piece alternate timeline in other words the straw hats never got together, though they are likely to still exist somewhere in the world they never formed the straw hats. With that in mind I would like to point out that a number of cannon characters and islands will exist but I will also be throwing in a couple of my own made up stuff.

Personally I like to write the story around the characters instead of trying to get the characters to fit into the story, the reason for this is it makes it a lot more fun for you guys (The players) because you will be creating characters you will want to play for a long time and see their goals through to the end. However, this also means that there is no story line written as of yet and will only start coming together once I see more or less what character histories and goals look like.

Edit: I forgot to mentio this is a THIRD ED (Aka - DC Adventures) game.

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A few ideas for character's. Let me know what sparks your interest.
  • A logia-user who has eaten the Kaze-Kaze fruit (Wind-Wind fruit). An ex-Marine Vice-Admiral who turned to piracy after Sakazuki ordered a ship carrying his wife and child destroyed during a hostage situation because he was unwilling to negotiate with pirates.
  • A swordsman who has eaten the Toki Toki no Mi (Time Time fruit) and has developed a unique swordstyle called Jikantoryu (Time-Sword style) around around "cutting" through time an altering the battlefield for himself and his foes.
  • A martial artist who has eaten the Oni-Oni no Mi: Model Shinigami (Devil-Devil Fruit: Model Reaper), an enormously powerful mythical zoan that grants him incredible powers over death, but comes at a terrible cost of eating away at the purity of his soul as a dark spirit whispers from within the depths of his mind.

Other fruits that could be interesting: Mizu-Mizu/Sui-Sui no Mi (Water-Water logia), Jo-Jo no Mi (Shape-Shape fruit) for morphing and disguise, as well as body alteration, Gen-Gen no Mi (Illusion-Illusion fruit), Tsu-Tsu no Mi (Pain-Pain fruit), Hitan-Hitan no Mi (Sorrow-Sorrow fruit) for the draining of joy and happiness, probably associated with cold and emptiness.

Anyway, let me know what you find interesting and I'll build an app from there.

I'll have a proper look at it shortly to see if there are any cannon fruits like them, though I can tell you off the bat that, Hitan-Hitan no Mi sounds very similar to a cannon fruit... the second and third ones sound better then the rest though.

Still interested got a few Ids let me just filter through them and come back to you... Im pretty keen on the chain chain concept for a navigator or a cook.

There is nothing like the third, and nothing so far like the second either. Debatably, Jewelry Bonney may have a time-related devil fruit since she can change her age and make her foes babies or elderly, but I wouldn't be taking it in that direction. Mine would be more about altering time physically around myself and the battlefield rather than things like that. I'm talking about things like slicing the ground and having it open a chasm beneath the foe's feet, or having the stair he is stepping on crumble, slicing the air and "teleporting" when in actuality I paused time. Slashes that rust an opponent's blade or wither their sword arm, etc. Things like that.

If I did the third one, we'd have to work out how the powers would function and how the "dark spirit" would work as a drawback.

Another possibility as a logia I've been thinking about is the Tsuchi-Tsuchi no Mi (Earth-Earth fruit). Replace the Kaze-Kaze fruit with that and keep the first option otherwise.

I have been waiting for something like this! I am going to try to work something out with a Fishman if that is alright.

rust is out I know it was for a whole 10 seconds in the anime but it is a cannon fruit. The third is probably your best option, it will also be interesting to see how you pull it off.

Originally Posted by WolfMAN666 View Post
rust is out I know it was for a whole 10 seconds in the anime but it is a cannon fruit. The third is probably your best option, it will also be interesting to see how you pull it off.
Hmmm. Will do. How do you want us to format sheets? The sheets here are only for MnM first edition and aren't adequate for 3rd.


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