Lost Episodes, looking for new members.

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Lost Episodes, looking for new members.

Lost Episodes - Forum
Star Wars Saga - Legacy Era
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Lost Episodes CrawlA long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away

It is a period of civil war. The Empire has broken into three factions. Led by the Emperor Arsaec and the Imperial Super Star Destroyer
Revenge, Imperial forces are stretched thin in an attempt to quell the Rebellions. The New Order of the Empire, led Governor Tarkin aboard the Hammer, has already built a military force capable of defeating the Empire- he's only stopped by the third faction. An old Jedi, Rynah, for a while the last of his kind, has raised a third force, a New Rebellion against both Empires. Only the existence of those forces keeps Tarkin from engaging the galaxy in total war.

Elsewhere, aboard an old freighter named
The Midnight Express, a motley crew of scoundrels finds themselves key players in the New Rebellions plans.

Game InformationFor the past three years, the Lost Episodes have been gaming across the galaxy. What began as group whose main interest were to follow the next shiny, has now become a powerful and influential group of special operations solders whose main interest is to follow the next shiny. As a Rotating GM Group, each player is expected to GM, and GM can expect to play.

We are looking for another GM/player or two. Applicants will be voted on by the existing GMs, and must be vetted through all before joining the game. We would rather take no new players, instead of adding a player who does not fit with the group.

Do's and Do not's
Do expect to have fun. Do not expect to have a heavy drama experience.
Do expect to influence the galaxy. Do not expect to become the leader of well, anything.
Do expect to matter. Do not expect to be the center of attention.
Do make a character that can interact with the population. Do not go all emo.
Do plan on posting 1/day. Do not have a history of disappearing.

Jedi have a notorious past with us. A lot of folks go, "Oh my gawd, 8th level, I can make a kick-butt Jedi at that level!" ... Yeah, Jedi are going to be looked at MUCH harder than other characters. The group has a Jedi Knight, are about to gain a Padawan for that Jedi, and have a Master far away. A new Jedi would need to be so overwhelmingly awesome as to completely change the fabric of the group to get past the dubious history of SWSaga Jedi Players and our own group's existing dynamic. You've been warned.

You can fill any role you want. Don't try to "fill a hole" in the group, as most of the holes are already filled either through skill training or droids. Just make a character you want to play.

New players will get to play in one episode before they are required to GM themselves. No leeches.


Existing Cast and Crew of the Midnight Express

Aurren Rane. chimaera. Miraluka. 4 Jedi, 3 Soldier, 1 Jedi Knight
Dorat. narrow24. Sullustran. 8 Scoundrel
Greykabukk. drkrough. Wookie. 4 Soldier, 4 Scoundrel
Naru. freeclint. Twi'lek. 4 Scoundrel, 3 Jedi, 1 Crime Lord
Tagrin Fandanirri. tsuyoshikentsu. Duros. 7 Noble, 1 Crime Lord
--Magoza saKrin. tsuyoshikentsu (Tag's minion). Gamorrean. 6 Nonheroic

In addition, the crew has a cast of Secondary Characters and NPCs floating around. Some are more lively than others.
FO-X1 "Fox", a combat droid
Rotta the Hutt, a hutt diplomat and scumbag
3Z3, a medical droid
Lucky the Ysalamiri
FL-0, a chef droid
R2-N4, an astromech

Applying to the Game
A completed game application will consist of the following:

1) A short bit of information about you. I'd suggest avoiding the school/work/life bio information, and focus on the game-relevant information. Gaming style, GMing style, games liked, played, etc. Put in things that highlight your reliability as that will be a key issue for us. If you want to make this part private, go ahead.

2) A character- a paragraph or two about the character, as well as some information about why the character wants to join the New Rebellion. The game's Timeline has information that might help. A completed character sheet is NOT required, but a rough outline of the character is (species, classes, levels, concept). Do not make this part private.

3) Any other information you'd like to provide, either in character or about yourself. Private or not, doesn't matter to me.

There is no specific format required. Put together the app as you like.

If you apply, you will be informed via PM if the app has been accepted or denied.

Questions? Please ask below. I'll try to answer every thread I see with one.

Game Description:

In the year 155 ABY the galaxy is at peace. After years of struggle the Sith Empire has finally conquered the galaxy. The last remnants of the Galactic Republic were defeated 5 years ago in the Outer Rim. It was not a great battle, or one that will be remembered. Less than a dozen Republic ships had remained, arrayed against the Grand Fleet of the Empire. Emperor Arsaec, a powerful Sith Lord, left before the first shots were fired. The battle was a foregone conclusion.

Since the end of the Republic day to day life in the Sith Empire, for the common citizen, has been largely peaceful. Taxes are high, but not unbearable. Trade goods are flowing. Smugglers still thrive, though the punishments for crime are harsh. One system, Corellia, tried to rise up against the Empire. Over 80% of the population were either killed or enslaved. Since that time other systems have waited patiently and quietly, in no hurry to rebel; they see clearly that the Sith will soon take care of themselves. They are waiting.

The Jedi, the guardians of the galaxy from times long past, have largely disappeared. Most were killed by the Sith during the war. Some turned and joined the Sith. A few, a small precious few, remained behind, keeping the lore, history, and training of the Jedi alive. They operate largely in secret, trying to keep the peace. They are waiting. Hidden.

The galaxy is waiting, with baited breath, for something. Empires have risen and fallen. Republics have come and gone. Surely a sign must be coming, something to mark the start of a new age.


Call me DRK, if needed. Remember rule one- when in doubt, do something.
Mon-Fri (GMT+7) normal posting.
Are races from saga-edition.com allowed or strictly book ones? As much as I've shunned saga edition this game had intrigued me before and has again...

Saga-edition probably will not be allowed, however, if there is a specific race you are interested in (say something that was shown on the Clone Wars TV show that came out after the last book was printed), then please ask and show us the link. We'll consider it.

Looking at Kushiban or Shi-ido for an infiltrator/thief. When you mention Jedi applicants to be really amazing, do you mean applications with Jedi classes or actual Jedi? How much space combat has been a factor in the game?

First off, hi. I'm one of the other GMs/players.

We already have a Jedi, and we're not really a Jedi-centric group. I can't speak for the others, but I, personally, would vote against a Jedi on a tiebreaker. (We all get a say in the process.) The game's a little more fringer-focused than Force-focused.

As for space combat: it is practically nonexistent, but I, when I have my GM hat on, push for it as much as I can. If we can get another space-combat friendly GM in here, we might actually see a little more of it.

Originally Posted by Ostrich Rage View Post
Looking at Kushiban or Shi-ido for an infiltrator/thief. When you mention Jedi applicants to be really amazing, do you mean applications with Jedi classes or actual Jedi? How much space combat has been a factor in the game?
Please provide a link for those. Not to sound lazy (which I am), but my work PC hates saga-edition, and searching the site for species is like trying to pull teeth from a duck. A link I can go right there.

What Tsuyo said about space combat.

What he said about the Force was fairly accurate too. This isn't a game where the Force is present in everything we do. In fact, we go large periods of time without the Force even mattering, outside of Force Points to boost a roll here or there. Even our resident Jedi doesn't use his Force Powers all that often, so even a smattering of Jedi (say taking 1 level and a suite of Force powers) is a significant addition of Force to the game. If a player is going to apply a Jedi char, they really need to hit it out of the park with the entire application. That said, I'm not automatically saying "no" to Force apps because, frankly, I don't want to limit the chances of seeing an amazing application. I'd love to see one.



I'm gonna be honest: I'm not too thrilled with either. Both make my balance sense tingle--+4 Dex is a lot, especially at a penalty to Str, and I am very wary of a telepathic shapeshifter that can imitate objects. If you want to play a shapeshifter, play a Clawdite; if you want to play something small and agile, you have many other options.

As much as I want to play something that uses the Aing-Tii trained force user who can transport ships with the force, if it hinders the application I will probably shy away from it. That being said, I'm going to mull over putting up an application for this.

EDIT: Played a Clawdite in another game and the GM didn't like it too much cause fluff wise it can be painful and what not and mechanics wise it didn't reflect that. Might still be an option though.

So, kushibans are big-eyed rabbits.

And Shi'ido are holy crap what the hell is that? Whoa. Wookieepedia's picture made angels cry.

Transporting ships with the Force, while interesting, would be a bit out of the scope of the game imo. At this time. Plus, I'm not sure how much RP value it'd represent to a group whose movement about the galaxy is largely hand-waved away, and in space combat would just be entirely confused and probably shoot each other. Humorous mental picture, though.

The species I have no feelings on one way or another. If the quality of the app was good enough, I'd not care if it was either of those races.

I'm definitely interested, but I've only played in a few Saga games, and have never GMed the system. Is lack of familiarity going to be an issue?


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