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Rise of the Runelords - Gestalt - Full Campaign

Rise of the Runelords - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion
Ad Closes: May 7 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 8

Bookkeeping Note: The "Ad Closes" date listed above should read May 7th, 2012, not April 10th, 2013

Status: Will be running two groups. The first group has been selected. The second will be chosen on the 7th.

There is an F.A.Q. thread linked at the bottom of this post that leads to a compilation of questions and answers given since this thread was opened. if you're visiting here for the first time, or returning to find several pages added since you last checked in, going there will save you the time of navigating through the rest of the chatter.

Ahh, Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast, a lovely little town nestled neatly along the Varisian shores. A town blessed with charming simplicity and populated by decent, hard-working folk, always eager to welcome weary wanderers. A picture of serenity set against the sprawling backdrop of the wild frontier.

But it wasn't always this way; in fact, Sandpoint has only recently emerged from a period known to the townsfolk as the "Late Unpleasantness." A time filled with mayhem, madness and murder. It was during that time, among other horrors, that the local Temple was destroyed by fire; its patron, the beloved Father Ezakian Tobyn, killed in the process. I dare not revisit that time any further. If you want to know more, you'll have to question the townspeople themselves, though you may find them as unwilling as I to recount those dark days.

Now, a new day has dawned in the town of Sandpoint, and with it the renewed hope and optimism of its people, who plan to celebrate with a lively street festival marking the dedication of a brand new temple, and the promise of better days to come. But lying in wait just beyond the town's borders are untold horrors and fantastic dangers that have yet to be revealed.

Hordes of monstrous marauders and hulking warlords prepare to pillage and plunder. Demons and devils cross vast unknown voids to bend and twist the fate of the mortal world. Great dragons lurk beyond their lairs in search of quarry on which to release their fury, and elder evils born of ancient empires seek to rise again.

Placed once again on the precipace of disaster, only one thing is certain: Golarion needs its heroes. Who among you will answer the call?

Welcome To:

Rise of the Runelords

A Brief IntroductionGreetings, gamers! My name is Zuriel, and I will be your Master of Ceremonies for this engagement. I have been a member of Myth-Weavers for several years, have played in a fair share of games here, and have run one game with a moderate amount of success.

I am launching what I hope will be a long-running, immersive campaign that will be rich in character development, action and adventure. I will be running a published campaign called Rise of the Runelords, which was originally created by Paizo for D&D 3.5e, and has since been converted to Pathfinder. The adventure path will see your characters rise from their humble beginnings to become legendary heroes in a progressive series of modular adventures. The adventure path is designed to take characters from level one through level fifteen, and possibly beyond.

I will be seeking four creative and dedicated players to participate, and possibly eight, depending on the amount of interest. All are invited to offer your submissions. The best will be chosen based equally on character concept and my impression of you as players. I would kindly request that you read through the entire advertisement, and perhaps the game forum as well, as many of your questions may already be answered therein.

Now then, some details...

World Info & Character OriginsThis game will take place in the world of Golarion. If you are already familiar with Golarion and its Inner Sea region, that's great. If not, there is a wealth of information on the setting in this thread:

<Setting & Campaign Information>

You are free to use as much or as little of this information as you see fit. You can also choose to just write a character from anytown, anyregion and you'll have just as good a chance to get in. In the end, I'm looking for creativity and interesting concepts, not experts on the setting.

What you will need is a reason to be in the town of Sandpoint at the start of the campaign. Again, you can use generic reasons or very specific reasons for being there, and you should also try to include some reason why your character would be motivated toward adventure and/or heroism.

Character Creation & AdvancementThe real nuts and bolts that you will need to put together your characters can be found in this thread:

<House Rules>

There are a lot of other rules that you'll need to know in there as well, so I would recommend giving it a read through before getting too far into your character's crunchiness. I'll drop a brief rundown of character creation guidelines here:

Ability Scores: Rolled (8m4d6v1r1, drop highest and lowest roll. <roll here>)
Starting Level: One
Race: Any Standard
Build Style: Gestalt, no multiclass, no PrC
Alignment: Any non-evil
Hit Points: Max first, roll thereafter; see rules
Traits: Start with 2; see rules
Starting Gold: Max for higher class
Feats: One per level

Note to Potential ApplicantsAll comments of interest, questions, initial concepts and ideas can be posted here in the advertisement thread.

This thread may also be of interest to potential applicants: <Game Pacing & Structure>

When you're ready to apply, go to the applications forum, found <here.>

There are some pregame, in-character threas in progress in the game forum which are part of the recruitment process. As soon as you have your character's background info to a point where you are comfortable, I'll direct you to one of the pregame threads.

I will be running two groups in parallel instances of this game. The first group has already been chosen. The second will be selected on Monday, May 7th, so you still have time to get in.

F.A.Q.Chatter free <F.A.Q. Thread>

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Cue interest as promised. Not sure what I want to play yet, but one side will have either Sorcerer, Alchemist, or Summoner. I'll have to see from there.

Aha! I've been itching to give Rise of the Runelords a try ever since I heard the premise way on back. Of the Pathfinder adventure paths, it's probably the one that's excited me the most. I'll definitely have to cook up something good for this one.

Sign me up, sir, for this is an adventure path I've been waiting to play! Expect me to make a real bruiser of a character!

Shihong, what are you thinking of playing? I'm trying to see what other people want and going from there. I'm strongly leaning toward Sorcerer || Something, maybe Inquisitor or Summoner.

That could be great if you went Evolutionist and Synthesist.

If so, I'll probably end up Sorcerer||Inquisitor, though Alchemist instead of Inquisitor isn't out of the question.

Welcome, all!

One thing I'd like to mention as I look at some of the initial comments. Try to avoid basing your class choices on the choices of other players. I would much rather see everyone go with their first choice, and in this game, having multiple players choose the same class may end up working better than usual for a number of reasons:

1) Gestalt characters means that while you have the same class on one side, your second class choice could have a big impact on how you play the first class.

2) Pathfinder's class archetypes and alternative class features offer a variety of choices on how a single class can be played.

3) Since there's a chance that I may run two instances of the same game, you may end up in a different group than another applicant with similar class choices.

Go with your instincts.

Right, carry on then...

Metamagic rods, along with any other ways of reducing metamagic cost, do not exist.
Does this include class features and archetype abilities as well?

Most likely. Which ones in particular are you looking at?


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