A New Day

"Police stations and bases would be the first place panicked people flee to which is why I still suggest finding a bank since it's easily the most secure place in a city. Barring that a fire station might do."

He then looks at the satphone,

"We've got to have another way of loading up the needed fill data to get it working. Any place that sells these have to have what's needed to activate it right? Let's track down a Radio Shack or Verizon store and go from there. If I need to google how to do this then that's fine, but one way or another we need to get it working."

Danny thinks on it as he burns the cigarette down to the filter. I don't like the idea of the bank - too easy to get cornered. I like the remote location the best...

He looked at the sat phone and back up to Bart, If you are gonna 'google' it, do it soon. The interwebs probably aren't going to stay up for very long without people babysitting 'em. Maybe we should hit a library and grab some analog resources on things that we would normally just look up on the net.

"I'd rather be cornered in a defensible place then somewhere overrun. But that's neither here nor there right now as there are more important things we need to handle. I do agree that raiding a library will be a priority, eventually the internet will go down and we're gonna be in a world of hurt. Figuratively speaking as we are already literally in one. That being said, let's focus on getting out of here and somewhere that we can get a more accurate assessment of what to do next."

He looks to the kids,

"Have you guys visited any towns near here that you remember to get to?"

"I only know the way to Waycross on the highway, chief Korban," Melanie says.

"We went to Atlanta once to see the Braves," little Jay says in a helpful voice.

"For what it's worth," the doctor began, "we're going to need...." He stops mid sentence and doubles over, vomiting into the bed of the truck and alternately gasping and crying in pain. When he finally gets a hold of himself, he mumbles, "Five billion people are going to die....."

Amy was about to chime in with her limited knowledge of securing a locale when the doctor jumped in. Ceding the floor to the man, she listened to his first few words before forcefully doubling over and vomiting, instinctively dodging out of the way in the process. Once the man had appeared to cease his hurling, she carefully made her way back to the man's side, making sure to avoid as much vomit as possible, before placing the underside of her wrist against his head to get a quick gauge of the man's temperature.

"Look, I may not be the best person to ask about finding a place to settle," she finally spoke up. "But I said it before, and I'll say it again, we need to find medical supplies to tend to the Doctor here and any future injuries or illnesses that might arise."

"Otherwise. . .." she added, without adding anything else, hoping the unsaid would be clear enough.

Damn! he seemed fine a second ago.

Listening to Amy, he made up his mind. He finally pulled out his phone to see if he had a signal and if so if he could locate himself on a map. Barring that he suggest they use the track that looks like it is the heaviest used.

Let's see if we can get him stable and comfortable and then let's look to find the Doc some medicine - maybe a hospital or a pharmacy at least.

Danny looks at his phone and almost unsurprisingly sees -Searching for Network.

The doctor continues to gain color back as Danny makes his suggestion. "I'm sorry, lieutenant. The enormity of this...this...It just overwhelmed me for a moment. I've seen hundreds, even thousands, become sick and die. But this is.....hundreds of millions." He shakes his head. "I'm having trouble understanding, that's all. For medications, I'll need a course of regular anitbiotics in addition to the pain killers."

Garcia begins looking through the truck bed, avoiding the vomit, and finds peanut butter and jelly. "Hey, Jay, how bout a sandwich?"

"Sure," the little one says and the sergeant starts getting lunch together.

"Anybody else?" Garcia asks.

Feeling the pressure building up at the words of the doctor Bart takes a moment to pull out his bible and do some quick praying. When he finished he turned to the group and with a bit of clarity spoke up,

"Alright sitting around ain't gonna help us none. We know the general direction of Waycross from here, let's just head out the road leading that way and keep on till we find something. Who knows how many of them infected people are trailing us as is so we need to keep on the move."

Amy hadn't given too much thought to the idea of idea throughout the day, despite having limited options available. But Garcia offers up sandwiches, the nurse finds her belly suddenly growling. "I'll take one," she chimes in.

Hearing Bart offer up what is probably going to fall into the most reasonable option, Amy gently nods her head in agreement and acknowledges as she finishes off her sandwich, "Sound good to me."

Garcia takes the peanut butter and jelly, along with a loaf of bread and a couple of bottles of water and sits down in the gravel with Jay. They start to make sandwiches, assembling Amy's first and Jay hands it to her, "Here, miss Amy."


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