Dr. Klaus von Braun's Tent

"Because the Ancients had a good sense of humor, and figured we might end up here one day," Friedrich says, laughing. "We'll have to solve this mystery tomorrow, I believe."

Klaus nods and reluctantly shelves the whiskey. "Vell, then, don't let me keep you from your zoul-zearching. Gott knows I have my own to do." He crosses to his bed and sits down, unlacing his boots and standing them carefully near the crate at the foot of the mattress, pausing only to offer a small wave to Findy and Friedrich on their way out the door.

As soon as he is alone, Klaus crawls under the covers, but it is a long time before he falls asleep. For several hours, he stares at the tent flap, alone with his thoughts, before sleep finally takes him.


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