Dr. Klaus von Braun's Tent

Klaus rolls his eyes. "Kolonel O'Neill lost ze ability to speak any language but Ancient unt exhibited a wide variety of ludicrous behaviors after he interfaced vif an Ancient data repository like ze one at ze Henge. I am zure ze kasual discarding of kloth articles ist a zide-effect of ze brain-altering processes. But by all means vake her, if you vant to accelerate your konversion to a trophy." Turning quickly--perhaps a little too quickly--he responds directly to Findy. "As much as she does need rest, she ist ze only one who kan interface vif ze Henge at ze requisite level, at least as far as ve know now."

Findy MacLean

"You have a peculiar sense of humor," Findy says to Friedrich, still in her stage whisper. To von Braun, and with considerable more respect she says, "I was under the impression that anyone with the ATA gene could activate it, Doctor."

"True enough," Klaus concedes to Findy, "But of ze people who have tried, she ist ze only one I have seen who kan manipulate ze dialing vithout touching ze hologram. Zere are definitely degrees of zkill, like ze Kontrol Tschairs."

Findy MacLean

"I have the requisite gene, doctor. I could try it out sometime, if needed. I've not really been up there yet, though-- being involved in other projects."

"Vif a name like MacLean, I expected as much," Klaus answers. "Ze Ancient blood runs deep in ze genes of ze British Isles."

The back and forth between Findy, Friedrich, and Klaus causes Sarah to stir. She rolls onto her left side with a disgruntled moan, and her face contorts into an expression somewhere between confusion and pain, though for the time being her eyes remain closed.

Findy MacLean

"Born and bred there, doctor, and proud of it. Scotland's a gleaming jewel in Britain's crown," Findy replies with a smile under her dark glasses. As Sarah stirs, she repeats her earlier observation. "She looks exhausted. Perhaps we can fill her in later, and conduct this meeting elsewhere?"

Friedrich rolls his eyes, and, in a fairly passable impression of Klaus' voice, needles, "Wach auf, schleepy head! Ve have arbeit zu do jetzt, und ve have schlafen zu machen später!" Immediately, he becomes very interested in his notebooks in his backpack, so as to immediately be able to blame Klaus for waking sleeping scientist.

An unguarded smile briefly passes across Sarah's face before her eyes slowly open and she blinks a few times as she surveys the surroundings.

"Already?" she asks while stifling a yawn, her voice tired and perhaps a touch grumpy, but not hostile. She sits up in the bed and looks more closely at who is present, "How long have you all been here? Why didn't someone wake me up earlier?"

With a frown she spots her pants sitting drying near the heater and flushes unconsciously as she pushes back the covers and quickly grabs the pants and pulls them on over top of the extra layer of leggings she had been wearing for warmth. She then seats herself on the bed and focusses intently on putting her boots back on.


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