Dr. Klaus von Braun's Tent

"See? I told you she'd be perfectly fine to be woken up. She just had to get her wake-up call from the right person!" Friedrich says without even attempting to keep a straight face at this point.

Sarah looks up at Friedrich, confusion plainly evident on her face. "Why wouldn't I be fine?"

"Ah, just a concern that you may more closely resemble a bear rising from hibernation than a human waking from a light nap," Friedrich says as if he's lightly stepping around the whole issue.

With a rub of her face she adds, "I'm not sure it was a light nap, but an hour of sleep works wonders for making one feel almost human again. I'm sure I could sleep for the next week if given the chance, though."

"So...." Sarah begins awkwardly, "do we have anything interesting?" she asks with a glance to Klaus that rapidly shifts to Findy.

"Interesting ist one verd. Frustrating ist ein auther. Ve dialed your zekvenze fife, unt ze vermhole looped back on itself. At least notzing blew up. Yet." Klaus looks somewhat grumpy, though he does not focus it on any one person, just a general glower.

Sarah doesn't quite look like she has just been slapped in the face, but clearly she is surprised and she goes fumbling for her notes. "Well, when I checked ten and five on the 'Globe, the continents did not shift. I had sort of figured that five or ten was where we wanted to go and the globe would shift from present to something like what Sawyer had seen with a more temperate location for the 'Henge and signs of civilization." She tosses her sketches and notes on the table with address five sitting at the top. "I know its a bad drawing," she says overly apologeticly, "but does this more or less match the sensor readings we have from the Hammond?"

Findy MacLean

"I have a couple of hypotheses based on the data at hand. Nothing certain as yet. First, there doesn't appear to be any indications of solar flare activity or similar disruption, so that option is one we have to rule out. This leaves three other possibilities which I've been able to suppose. One, a gate and/or dialing device malfunction of some kind. Two, that the extra chevrons provide time coordinates in the same fashion as the standard chevrons provide distance coordinates. Three, that this gate is designed to only be a time traveling device, and isn't connected to the standard gate system at all. I'm certainly willing to entertain other suggestions, and further perusal of the data may rule out some of these or lead to other possibilities." She picks up the drawing and looks it over.

Friedrich settles down into a chair, and, perhaps most shocking of all, actually starts to look like he's about to be serious about something. "I don't see why they would have all these chevrons just to make us confused. They would have made it for themselves to use, not really thinking about the future. I think. That being said, if you need to manage time travel, I think, and maybe Klaus could further clarify," Friedrich adds looking to Klaus, "that you would in fact need two mechanisms to control the flow of time. Just like a balloon has one air pressure inside and another outside, I suspect time might work in a similar fashion. But I would defer that to our physicist."

Covering her mouth with her hand, Sarah yawns mightily. "I agree there is certainly a sizeable time component," she begins. Hesitantly she continues, "I tried to map the ten most recent addresses that Dr. von Braun pulled from the 'Henge with the 'Globe," with a nod to the notes on the table. I know five and ten showed the same continent configuration as each other and that configuration was the same as the starting point... But beyond that... I, uh... Well, it's in the notes at any rate."

"If there are eleven chevrons in an address and forty-five glyphs, that's what... Eleven to the forty-fifth possible addresses? Mind you that all we have to work with right now are addresses that are patterned as a star in a pentagon, and there are forty-five stars then pentagons and another forty five pentagons then stars. That leaves a whole lot of other addresses that have got to do something. We just have to figure out exactly what that is and now to use it."

She turns to Klaus and asks, "So, what happened when you tried address ten with the opposite star and pentagon order?"


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