Dr. Klaus von Braun's Tent

Klaus ponders Friedrich's suggestions for a moment. "Time ist but an other axis on ze graf. Zere ist vektor--direktion, zpeed--unt, Gott forbid, atselleration."

At Sarah's question, he brings himself up short, stammering for a moment. Then, a bit of a flush creeps into his cheeks. "Ve have not tried dialing again yet," he admits.

Friedrich shrugs his shoulders and responds with... mock? humility, "I am but a mere monk tucked away with my dusty tomes and foreign languages. I simply asked to spark other people's thoughts."

Findy MacLean

Following up on von Braun's statement, Findy adds, "Someone seems to have gotten the impression that only you, Sarah, can activate the dialer."

Findy MacLean

Findy smirks at Friedrich. "Of course she's special. She's Scottish." Her own Scots accent betrays her bias in the joke.

She turns and looks quizzically at Friedrich, before deciding to take him and Findy at face value. "American, actually. Though a couple hundred years ago it would have been Welsh, not Scottish. Never even been to the isles."

She turns and looks at Klaus with an equally perplexed look. "But YOU are the one who dialed, and you've turned the 'Henge on before." Sarah sighs and rubs her face with her hands, "I had just been hoping we could compare the data from five and ten so we could figure out the difference between the star and pentagon orientations. Guess we can do that tomorrow."

Klaus makes a face at Friedrich and shakes his head. "Nein, nein! I did not zay only Zarah kan aktivate ze dialer. Only zat she did it vithout aktually touching ze dialing table." He extends the index finger of his right hand and taps his forehead twice. "Vith her mind."

When Sarah suggests tomorrow, Klaus's face looks only a bit less sour. "Vy not right now? Ze military buffons are likely ztill thumbing zere rechtii up zere vile ve do all ze verk. Gott knows how long it vill take to get zem up zere again later."

Sarah exhales deeply."Because I've trudged up there on two occasions already today, been held at gunpoint, and am tired, hungry, and cold?" she lists off in rapid succession, obviously none too pleased at even the faintest suggestion that she may need to go back out again and stand in the snow and wind.

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