Dr. Klaus von Braun's Tent

Klaus grins and shoots back, "I told you who you could snuggle up to, Friedchen." He stands and crosses over to the bulky container stashed at the foot of his bed. Rooting around inside for a moment, he carefully extracts a tall, thin bottle of amber liquid, the label of which has faded with time. "Glenalister, aught-zieben. Only ze best. A pity ve have no proper glassvare."

Sarah looks incredulously between the two men. "Should we really be drinking? Don't we have work to do?"

Sarah simply sighs, saying nothing.

Klaus takes a long look at Sarah, then sets the bottle down next to Friedrich. "Fine. Ve do a bit of verk, zen trink." He sidles over to the crate that functions as a chair, opening up his computer and pulling up the Henge and MALP video feeds. The event horizon has expired, and the strange stargate is now just an empty ring; at the Henge, the dialing table and holo-globe have both winked out of existence. Swiveling around, he casts an appraising gaze at Sarah. "If zis verks, zere vill be no more trudging up ze frozen hill all ze time. Zat is verth trinken to, ja?"

Sarah reflexively lowers her eyes when Klaus looks at her, then with a subtle shake of her head she looks back up at the man and matches his gaze while subjecting the edge of the bed to a death grip.

"Fine," she says with a dejected sigh. "I suppose we all could stand a laugh, then we all can get as drunk as we want."

Sarah reaches over and grabs her notebook from the table and looks at it. What did I do the last time, she thinks. I had wanted to try the 'Globe and the addresses to make correlations and they were sitting there waiting for me... She thinks for a moment about the 'Globe and the dialing table at the 'Henge, then turns to look questioningly at Klaus.

Klaus nods thoughtfully, stabbing one finger at the Henge camera feed. The holograms have reappeared in their usual place, set to Sarah's "position 5". A small wind gust sends some snow swirling through the air atop the distant hill.

Findy MacLean

Deciding that the best way to deal with the linguist was to ignore him for now, and interested in the happenings, Findy gets up and leans over von Braun's shoulder slightly to look at the feeds. "Unlike before, there's no signs of energy from the gate pre-dialing. Those must have been tied to the scorpion-lizard. Sarah, can you control the dialing device from here?"

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