Barrow of the Forgotten King: Yeah I Found It!

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Barrow of the Forgotten King: Yeah I Found It!

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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Estimated Members Requested: 6

A few weeks ago, I started the second game in a series of three modules entitled The Sinister Spire, and several people expressed interest in the entire series, but I could not find my copy of Barrow of the Forgotten King, the first in the series...until now!

This game will be Barrow of the Forgotten King, a Dungeons & Dragons module for four to six 2nd-level characters that is essentially a long dungeon-crawl. The story takes place in the small town of Kingsholm--actually, in a graveyard in the town of Kingsholm--actually, in an underground complex, beneath the graveyard in the town of Kingsholm.

Two days ago, a family of mourners ventured up into the graveyard and didn't return. A pair of sentinels investigated, but these guards vanished as well. The townsfolk are in a panic. They've always heard rumors of disturbances in graveyards and tombs, but never has such misforthuen struck in their town. They look to the player characters for aid.

This can be a one-shot adventure, but the story continues in
The Sinister Spire, and Fortress of the Yuan-ti, so if we're enjoying ourselves there is opportunity to continue.

This will be my third game on the MW that I will DM and my second time using an "official" module. I have all of these modules that I've never been able to put to use, and figured that this would be the perfect chance to do so.

I am looking for four-six players who will be patient, who will offer feedback (both positive and negative), and who will be fun to play D&D with.

If you'd like to play please click on the "forum" above,
6m4d6v1, 900 gp starting wealth, Full HP + CON mod for both levels (Roll or half whichever is better after that),
roll your stats, create a character, and apply!

Game Description:

The shovel clanged against the rock, and its wielder snarled in frustration. He shook his brown, furry hands and squinted up into the rain.
"Dig!" a clear voice came from above. "Dig, damn you, or I'll have you flayed alive!"
Deep in the pit, the varag warrior couldn't see the speaker, but he knew the smooth-skinned, silk-clothed fool all too well.
Clang! Another stone. After throwing down his shovel, the varag took a pull from his wineskin. Time for a break, he thought.
A green orb shot out of the darkness above, knocking the wineskin out of the varag's grasp. Snarling in pain and rage, the warrior held his burned hand and watched the wineskin disintigrate in a green pool. Looking up, he saw the smooth-skinned spellcaster, and he grabbed his shovel and gripped it as if it were an axe.
And then he saw the eyes. Those eyes...
The varagturned back to the mud and the rock. He began to dig again.

Barrow of the Forgotten Kings is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed for four to six 2nd-level characters. Player characters who complete this quest should advance to 4th or 5th level, depending on how successful they are in defeating the evil creatures awaiting them.

Upon successful completion of this module, characters could continue on to The Sinister Spire and then Fortress of the Yuan-Ti.

Posting on week days. No home computer on the weekend.

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For anyone else that is thinking of applying for this game, please consider the following:
1. I will start choosing players by the end of this week on the 11th, one week earlier than the posted close date.
2. Currently there are applications for: 4 Clerics, 2 paladins, 4 Fighters (2 multi-classed), 3 rangers (one multi-classed), 2 rogues, 1 wizard, 1 barbarian (multi-classed), and 1 Bard.

I am still waiting for you to answer my questions on the forum. I applied a week ago with a character idea, but can't finish it until you answer my questions. Please and thank you.

@ Enilas: I haven't made any selections yet. If your character concept is good, I will consider it.


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