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Strange (but harmless) Bug

Strange (but harmless) Bug

Hello, Mods.

In the IC thread of a solo game I'm running, I had one of my own posts generate the "DICE WERE DELETED FROM THIS POST" warning, despite the fact that I never rolled any dice in the post and it wasn't even edited. Linky here.

Any thoughts on the issue?

Looks pretty weird, doesn't even look formatted like such a message had ought to be, but it's not coming from you! Please don't edit it, I'd like to get a chance to take a closer look when I have a bit more time.

Thanks for the report!

No problem, I'll keep it as-is!

Also, I am 90% sure it wasn't bugged when I posted it, it was something that somehow appeared afterwards. Not sure that is relevant, but who knows.

It seems to be under the impression there was an attempted roll of 4dF+5... not really sure how the entry could've gotten in there

Could it have something to do with the following post? My player did roll 4dF+5 there...

Originally Posted by Silverkiss View Post
Could it have something to do with the following post? My player did roll 4dF+5 there...
It's hard to be definite but that's unlikely as the dice for the subsequent post exist separately (I checked).

My best guess would be that you originally posted dice (4dF+5) by accident and deleted them in less than 5 seconds.

Incidentally, is it intentional allowing dice to be rolled in that way ? Roll multiple dice in a post then once you know the results edit in OOC wrappers containing descriptions? I'd want the descriptions to be part of the dice tags but it's your choice.

It could have happened, I guess... But I don't remember doing it, at least.

Hmn, sorry, I don't really understand what you're asking there, Plugsy. Care to elaborate a bit?

I the following post 2 sets of fudge dice are rolled then submitted with no description as part of the dice tags. Once the results are known the decision is then made what each roll was for and that's edited in. Check the edit history.

It's probably completely innocent it might even be part of the rules you're using for all I know. However, if it's not part of the rules and I were running it I'd be asking for all dice to contain descriptions within the roll/dice tag, not have them edited in later as a wrapper, but obviously that's your choice.

Oh, that was because the formatting was wrong and I asked the player to change it, I think. But either way, FATE is a game system where the meta is encouraged, so rolling first and then deciding on your actions is something I generally allow (especially on a solo game).

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