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Game Description

Game Description

Drow Rising
The Road from Granary: The inaugural adventure in an ongoing campaign

You've traveled to the town of Granary, the largest agricultural center of trade in the area. To you, an adventurer in search of action, Granary is the nearest outpost of civilization. In addition to being the focus of trade, it is a prosperous town, full of opportunities to make money.

Upon your arrival, it doesn’t take long to find official notices tacked up everywhere around town:

Mercenaries Wanted
Per Order of the Granary Council of Seven

There have been recent disturbances to our merchant caravans, confirmed to be DROW.
The Council is registering mercenaries to find the Drow base.
Payments as follows:

500 Gold…..For location of the Drow base
500 Gold…..Per head of Drow brought back
1000 Gold…Per Drow brought back alive

(Maximum 2500 Gold)

Apply to The Council at The Town Hall, Sunday at Noon.

This game is based on AD&D, First Edition.

About how the game will be run:
I’m relatively new to MW, playing in a few games. This is my first GM campaign here.

My goal is to run a fun, compelling, long term game with dedicated players. I’m more interested in good gameplay than I am with dice rolling. I like games that are gritty, dangerous, nebulous, and challenging. I like players to be uncomfortable most of the time, to be off balance, to have to think for themselves, to take nothing for granted, and to understand that there are sinister forces much more powerful than them.

I like to keep things moving. Part of that is my responsibility to run a game that you want to read and post often. Part of that is your responsibility to post on schedule, and not let the party lag. I’ll try hard through public and private posts to keep the game moving at a good pace.

I dole out XP in proportion to how well you play the game.

I like to have a common narrative thread, but also use extensive private messaging. Different players may have different goals, different knowledge, and discover things at different rates. I will manage all that for you individually, and it’s up to you to decide what to share with the group as a whole.

I spend a lot of time developing plans for NPCs and monsters, and I will play them to the utmost. This means that it’s a very dangerous world out there. You WILL encounter things that can easily kill you, and wipe out the entire party. If you are faced with a vastly superior foe, I expect you to have the common sense to run for your life. If you choose to attack, I won’t try to spare you. It should be fairly obvious when you are outclassed.

When it comes to dice rolling, I’ll have you make your attack rolls, and saving throws. I’ll roll pretty much everything else, and I won’t share what my rolls are. I think it gives away too much information for players to see when dice are being rolled, and what results those numbers give.

I won’t tolerate “rules lawyering”. The AD&D rules are the guidelines that I’ll use for this game, but I reserve the right to change the rules at any time. By signing up for this game, you have to trust that I’ll run the game fairly.

I don't like “railroading” as a GM. This adventure has a fairly limited scope, because it’s my first game here, and I want to keep it simple, but there are still a great deal of possibilities for what will happen. It’s entirely up to you. I have an idea how things might flow, but I’ll let you take it in whatever direction you want.

Just like in real life, I try to put in many shades of gray in terms of what success looks like.

Failure would be death for you, or the entire party, which is a definite possibility if you're not careful enough.

For applicants:
Requesting: 5-6 Level One characters, there will be 1-2 NPCs as well
Game System: AD&D only, plus a few house rules
Races allowed: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, Gnome, Halfling
Classes allowed: Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Magic-User, Cleric, Druid, Thief

House Rules:
6x4d6, put stats wherever you want
I will find ways to reward players with higher CHA, so it’s not just a throwaway stat
Max HP at level 1
No psionics
I don’t use formal alignments, but no evil characters
Magic –users don’t have to memorize specific spells the night before, they can use any spell they know, up to the usual limit per day.

Sounds like fun, as I just recently said I'd be up for something like this

But wait, CHA a throw-away stat? Does no one ever hire people anymore? XD (Loves the CHA stat)

It's interesting that you have spellcasters working like Sorcerers, it's neat (though I doubt I'll play a Wizard this game cause I don't think I can live without my ever-loved Level 0 spells from Pathfinder, XD.

I'm thinking either Fighter or Thief, depending on my stats.

Yeah, I always thought the limitations on low level magic users were a bit excessive. The spells are weak enough, and so limited per day, that adding the requirement of memorizing the right one 24 hours ahead seems like way overkill.

Tefarek, thanks for the PM. I am interested. As I understand it now, you're just trying to guage interest and, pending that, will accept applications later?

I am interested, but with a couple reservations. Would the party be a group, background-tied together already or a 'meet in a tavern/job board' arrangement?
Drow tend to be pretty dang lethal on their own, and against level 1 characters in AD&D they were the ingredient for a first session TPK, as I have seen and been through. With you running them as the cunning, stealthy, lethal and mercilessly intelligent elves they truly are, what balancing factor are you giving to the player characters?
I see you expect uphill battles and choosing our fights, but without a decent advantage, we are effectively up against Cthulhu Mythos monsters for many-a-level, until we can dole out some extra damage before we flee with our lives and sanity.
My very first AD&D game was against Drow, which I talked about in the Worst Game Experience Ever thread, lol, but I really do enjoy Drow. So, interest posted, depending on how some things factor in.

Excellent questions, and that's exactly the mindset I like to see!

The party members don't know each other. You arrive in town solo, and if you're intrigued by the call for mercenaries, all your questions will be answered IC at The Town Hall.

I'll have to read the Worst Game Experience Ever thread, and hopefully, I won't be mentioned in future posts there.

So, Tefarek wants me to learn AD&D, eh? Welp...I'll try it, but fair warning. I learned from 3rd Edition, and everything's gonna be ass backwards!

I'll start as a Thief, if there aren't any objections. For the time being, spells would just drive me bugnuts. Learning 3rd edition magic was tough enough. Garrrrrr....

[GM: Moving dice/char creation to a Private thread]

I'm in the same boat, Erico!
Going for Magic-user, if I think I can grasp it well enough prior to starting.


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