Astral City of Tu'narath

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Astral City of Tu'narath

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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Set in the Githyanki city of Tu'narath, deep in the Astral Plane. I am looking for 3 players to revitalize a long running game that has brought characters from Lolth's Underdark to the Githyanki city of Tu'narath. You will join the existing players in the Astral Plane as they arrive in the city of Tu'narath... a city where you may be passing through or be a local inhabitant.

Be sure to read the Game Description below to read a Synopsis of the campaign thus far...


The greatest Githyanki city in any dimension, it is ruled by an evil lich queen who rules with absolute power over the Githyanki empire from the capital. Tu'narath it is said is built upon the petrified body of a long dead unamed god, the evil Githyanki city is open to trade and outsiders granted visa's for a price to enter.

Subjective directional gravity holds sway within 200 feet of the husk, allowing the city’s inhabitants to walk normally. Creatures and objects moving within 200 feet of the city begin to fall as they enter the astral island’s “gravity well.” A series of mooring towers and landing platforms on the island allow astral ships to dock.

Architecture Tu’narath’s architecture reflects the githyanki militaristic mindset—ominous structures with flying buttresses and protruding wrought-iron spikes, but with enough decor to make them more than cold assemblages of stone and iron. Porticos are often adorned with sculptures and frescoes depicting githyanki champions riding red dragons, while beautifully carved statues of prominent githyanki dominate city squares. Buildings are densely packed, multistory affairs joined by stone bridges on the upper levels. Bridges that span roadways are common sights in every district of Tu’narath. Skillfully wrought carvings of githyanki champions and battle scenes adorn the outer walls of most public and civic buildings. Inner and outer walls are of superior masonry. Ground floors are made of smooth stone, sometimes covered with wooden planks, while upper stories consist of wooden tiles or planks set atop thick wooden beams. Ceilings inside buildings are usually 15 feet tall.

The Merchants quarter, Tu'narathThe eerie feeling of dread permeates the city streets as several large red dragons fly overhead, riding the fearsome red chromatic wryms Githyanki knights keep watch from the skies as they patrol the city. Dragon riders come and go from large floating fortresses high above which watch over the Merchant quarter and the docks to which several Astral Ships unload and load cargo.

There are all manner of creatures here, bought and sold for slaves or for the arena. The local inhabitants too are a melting pot of different races from throughout the planes. It is here most visitors to the city are allowed to wander freely and set up shop to trade their goods. There is accommodation here to suit all tastes if you have gold and like any city, anywhere in the planes there are taverns, back alleys and dangers common to large overpopulated areas.

Githyanki soldiers patrol the streets, checking peoples passes and imposing fines for overstayers. Trouble makers are dealt with swiftly with violent often lethal implications for the perpetrators... more so if they are non Githyanki.

It is here in the merchant quarter you have made your home, trade has been good and the steady supply of exotic goods from distant planes always brings new wonders to behold in the bazaar. Your time here has been profitable, however the dark presence of the city has been wearing on your spirit... some say that for those not accustomed to its evil may oneday fade away as they are consumed by the city.

Applications and all dice rolls are to be made in the forum above, in the Applications folder.

Game Description:

The Underdark

Deep beneath the surface another subterranean world exists where vast networks of underground caverns and tunnels traverse a largely unexplored dark realm. It is home to many strange and wonderful creatures both great and small, who live in the various depths of the 'Underdark'... or 'the Deep' as known to others. Foul evil creatures have been found wandering the depths where few dare to tread, deep down below where it is said infernal demons inflict terror and beings that best not be named dwell and guard the dark portal to the Abyss.

Lolths Empire

Lolths children, the Drow have conquered and rule vast areas of the Underdark with an iron grip spreading Lolths will over the region. Subjugating the conquered races of Goblins, Deep Dwarves and other primitive races into slaves, the Drow have been strip mining precious Mithral and Adamantine found in 'the Deep', building the mighty armoury of Lolths grand army.

Prince Xizor, son of Lolth, and Grand Marshall of the combined military might of Lolths Empire has fought a long military campaign expanding the Empire. At last the wars against the Deep Dwarves are all but won, as only a few clans continue to hold out in their impenetrable strongholds, one such clan has taken Prince Xizors attention with their mechanical Spider war machines. However as Lolths grand army returns victorious with the Deep Dwarven King in chains, new plans are being put into motion...

In the Capital City of Xizon, a national holiday to mark the successful conquest as been decreed. A gathering of the most powerful Drow in the realm is coming together as Noble Houses arrive under the wishes of Prince Xizor, dangerous times indeed...

Into the Abyss

After the destruction of the Drow house of the Abyss, from the rubble the survivors find themselves prisoners of a terrifying Mindflayer onboard the Nautilis. A Ship that travels the planes in search of quintessence... now the few survivors find themselves at the mercy of the evil Illithid while their souls are sent into the Astral Plane to the Githyanki city of Tu'narath.

A city where Githyanki have ruled for centuries, a militaristic city at war with the Githzerai and ever watchful for their hated enemy... the Mindflayers.

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Not really, although I was going from the MM version as it's easier to build from being 1 HD and LA +2

That HD comes from the Warrior class not from the race, so its just plain +2 LA. I know somewhere there is talk of a +1 LA Githyanki, but I can't seem to find it. Trying to form an idea, glad I have the time to do so.

Hey DA! Wow, I've always wanted to play a Githyanki! And I love FR! All of these books I have, but am only passingly familiar with most of them and not all ... I will have to read more into about 3 of them ... this sounds awesome! Color me more than just interested!

**EDIT** I hope to have a concept up today!

Hey Freefallin !.. Yeah me too, I played a Githzerai once... funnily enough he got killed by a Githyanki.

The FR is a leftover from the earlier Underdark game, however go ahead and use the FR setting books if it's appropriate for your concept.

Looking forward to your concepts

This is definitely piquing my interest, one of my most recent characters is a githyanki renegade.

I believe a Dread Necromancer for me ... I have been wanting to play them for about a year now and I see they are held with high regard in Githyanki society ... so, win-win!

I would love to play a D&D game, everytime I try, I fail

anyway, would I be able to use this race, but to make it more fair, I take away the +2 charisma and the dragonborn fury ability?

Originally Posted by STARPREDATOR25 View Post
I would love to play a D&D game, everytime I try, I fail

anyway, would I be able to use this race, but to make it more fair, I take away the +2 charisma and the dragonborn fury ability?
Hmmmm... I have never been a fan of the homebrew races, as most seem a little over powered. This particular one reminds me of the Bozaks from Dragonlance and the world of Krynn.

OK I will allow it, you can take the Fury and the CHA bonus too but at LA+2... also the rage will be modified to a similar duration as normal rage as per the Barbarian class ability.


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