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In-game trolling (the innocent kind)

In-game trolling (the innocent kind)

I want to play a character based on Minakami Mai (which basically is a troll that likes to provoke reactions from people for her own amusement), but without disrupting the game, obstructing the progress of the story, making the game un-fun to anyone or actively hindering the rest of the PCs. Any ideas on how could I do it? What methods to use? Of course no maliciousness is intended. It would just be a funny quirk of my character.
I'd probably play a caster of some sort, because this concept will need power to be able to get away with his trolling. Good or Neutral aligned (definitely not Evil). I play 3.P.

If anything is unclear, let me know, I'll try to explain more in-dept (although I don't know what more can I say).
And in case anyone is wondering: NO. I won't be a dickhead in-game. It's all in good humor. So please, don't come in here with lessons "How to not be a jerk", thank you very much.

Unfortunately, as skilled at trolling/roleplaying as you might be, the success of such a character in a group fully depends on group dynamics and the other players in the game. Unless you well know your DM/fellow players, it's a crapshoot whether your jokes are taken as appropriately silly and fun, and don't A) go over the intended audience's head (either the player or the character) or B) make your character become known less as a fun prankster and more as an annoying bother who will be the first one shoved into the dark room to see if anything attacks. :P

Keep them to a minimum, and generally when you're not in an important negotiation.

If the rest of the players tell you to knock it off, knock it off.

Yeah, it's going to depend on the group.

As Morganes says, don't do it when you're in an important negotiation. Really, avoid any situation where your japery is counter to the group's goals. Don't do anything that's going to hinder them in combat, that makes it more difficult to navigate the terrible maze, or otherwise screw with what the group is trying to do. Even a tolerant group is going to turn on you if you make the actual adventuring harder than it should be.

I see that again I was misunderstood.

I'm asking for suggestions and ideas for pranks, NOT FOR MORAL LESSONS. I can understand that the OP might be unclear, but that's why I added a disclaimer "Ask if something is unclear" and that's why I added a link "NO. I won't be a dickhead in-game. It's all in good humor. So please, don't come in here with lessons "How to not be a jerk", thank you very much."

Now, can you guys stop with the "Don't be a jerk" posts. Please?

@ImperatorK - I think they were mostly comments on WHEN not to be a jerk rather than HOW. Other posters were making the observation that no matter how much you try to frame your antics as humor, it's not going to come across that way unless the other players decide to let it. They were suggesting that timing of your provocation will probably be the most important factor in how it's received. That's not "suggestions and ideas for pranks," but I can totally see why they didn't think it was "MORAL LESSONS" either.

Along the lines of psychologically disturbing behavior, there's always the time-honored "wear your dead enemies as accessories" shtick, such as fashioning a hat from a fallen kobold foe. You can also arrange the corpses into compromising positions, use them to spell insults, etc. Lots of fun with dead stuff!

You can pull off a lot of trollery with unseen servant, such as politely pulling out someone's chair for them (right before they sit on it) or goosing the cleric when the fighter is standing right behind him.

Admittedly, all these sorts of pranks are rather juvenile. I'd need some time to think of something more worthy.

And we're not giving you "moral" lessons. We're giving you practical suggestions to keep your group from hating you. We understand you're not attempting to be a dickhead. However, this is effectively the only advice we can give you.

What jokes your character can do will depend entirely on who you're gaming with (party make-up, temperaments of other players) and opportunity (what pranks your character is capable of and how appropriate they are at the time). We don't know those things, so we can't suggest any specific pranks. We simply don't know what will be available for your character to do. What we can give you are general guidelines to determine what sort of jokes you can get away with.

We're not assuming you're going to try to be a jerk about it. But even without trying, you may end up doing things that will make your character somewhat less acceptable to your fellow players. We're giving you advice about when to perform the pranks so as to make them actually funny, and not annoyances. That's the limit to the help we can possibly give you. I'm sorry you don't find it useful.

One more time: What I ask for are suggestions and ideas for pranks and also suggestions for roleplaying such a character.
But it isn't a character that makes pranks because he's a jerk. That's why I specified that I'm looking for pranks that won't possibly disrupt the game.
Anything other than that is unhelpful and irrelevant. Just give suggestions for pranks and don't worry about my motivations or my group. If a prank idea will be too disruptive or not to my liking, I'll just won't use it. It's that simple.

Seriously, if any of you thinks that it won't work out, or you don't believe my when I'm saying that I won't be a jerk, then simply don't post, because posts like "don't be a jerk" are irrelevant and almost insulting.

Keep in mind that Mai might not troll quite so much, as a good portion of it could just be in Yuuko's head.


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