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In-game trolling (the innocent kind)

Posters, please respect the OP's topic and avoid extraneous discussion. ImperatorK clairifed his request, and that should be the end of it. Posting against the OP is unnecessary and undesirable.

That said, ImperatorK, I'd also ask that you take posts as they were meant, and avoid reacting so intensely to posters trying to add to the discussion, even if they misunderstood the topic you wished discussed.

Telepathy is a good way to constantly bug people. A high intelligence is needed for the simple verbal trolls, generally speaking. Contingent spell is limited only to your imagination/daring.

Embrace stereotypes? If there's a dwarf/elf/whatever in the party, loudly complain or "factually" mention the stereotypes associated with them? Or their class? I know classes aren't "in game" thing so more general "caster/warrior" comments. If the character isn't too pious but does believe in a deity, again, mention stereotypes and cliches about them, no matter how ignorant. Just find whatever irritates the other characters and pick away at that sore spot.

I would look at cantrips. Prestidigitation is an obvious one, with the colouring/changing temperature or taste of the food, changing other people's hair colour.

Mage hand could very easily put pins on people's chairs. Drench can provide for fun interaction. Breeze and Ghost Sound can certainly be fun too.

Also, if the DM is up to it, you can have a blast with the Message spell. No save, no SR so they can't really know they were targeted by the spell. Can you say hearing voices?

That link is hilarious! I love how everyone keeps giving you good suggestions and you keep shooting them down. You effectively trolled everyone in your own thread about trolling. Brilliant!

If you are OK with encountering Kingmaker adventure path spoilers, this link has quite a number of decent prank ideas:

If you aren't don't follow that link.

For other ideas, I would look to classic gags - fake vomit, whoopee cushions, boots with illusionary snakes inside, ghost sounds that make the knight's armour squeak constantly, alchemical dyes slipped into drinks that turn the target's tongue blue. I'd look to anything that Tweety Bird might do for inspiration.

I know you don't want to hear it but it's a very fine line that you are planning because you will be the only one "in" on the joke and the other players will all be targets/dupes. I can't imagine how this might end well as it only takes one player who doesn't have a sense of humour about such things to suddenly make it not fun in an OOC sense.

Best of luck with your character concept though.

That all sounds like situational stuff that can't be premeditated.

Frankly, it sounds like you need to see what the other players are doing and then find a way to waste their time or provoke a reaction, the more inane, the better. If you are making the other players react to you, it will take especially good sports to not get annoyed by that.

Really, you have heard and ignored good advice here.

Sometimes a character concept isn't workable because you are playing with real people who want to have fun and want to advance their own concepts, not characters in a story whose purpose is to advance the author's story. I wouldn't appreciate playing with a character like that.

Having trouble with the words your using here.

Seems like the word 'troll' is just not at all appropriate for someone 'fun and quirky'. Maybe I misunderstand the term, but I've always associated the word troll with 'jerk and inappropriate'. I think this might be causing the misunderstanding you're seeing in this thread. You're stressing that you don't want to be a jerk or do it when it's inappropriate, but perhaps others see the word 'troll' like I do.

As for what pranks you could play, perhaps you could do nice things for people in sneaky ways. Like putting some cow dung on a peasants door step, but with a silver coin in it.

Originally Posted by Greycloak View Post
Really, you have heard and ignored good advice here.
I don't think that's the case. Seems to me he's made it pretty clear that people should assume that his party is okay with the concept, and that he is looking for prank ideas. Anything other then that is sort of off topic, and I can see why it would cause some frustration.


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