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In-game trolling (the innocent kind)

The old "glued down copper piece" trick?

That all sounds like situational stuff that can't be premeditated.
I'm asking for suggestions. I'm going to take inspiration from them when making my own.

Really, you have heard and ignored good advice here.
I heard and ignored irrelevant advice. If it where helpful, I wouldn't say it is irrelevant.

A collection of ideas.

That's a great link, Carnas. I think it's just the sort of thing that ImperatorK wanted--and it gives me a few ideas of my own!

Oh, also, just general advice, go for options that grant actions. I mean, that's good in general, but when your pranks victims don't have an opportunity to stop you/lash out, and you can pull off multiple pranks in rapid succession, all the better.

Clearly I am old now when I'm on a fantasy rpg site and troll no longer means troll. Even still. I dont think troll is what you think it means. trolling specifically does refer to people intentionally trying to piss other people off. It isn't harmless pranks. Also, it's very difficult to ask to clarify misunderstandings when the nature of misunderstandings is that you THINK you are understanding.

If you RP something as an accident, a lawful good character is compelled to forgive you.

So if you buy a new crossbow, you could make a habit of standing next to the pally untill you accidentally shoot him in the foot. Player did it on purpose, but the character didn't...

When the characters begin to cook dinner, wait until they put the pot on, then dump your filthy socks into the boiling water while saying "Good a time as any to do laundry, good call!"

since it's pathfinder, there is a lot of fun to be had with 0 Level spells which can be cast over and over all day long

A prestidigitation can slowly lift 1 pound of material.
It can color, clean, or soil items in a 1-foot cube each round.
It can chill, warm, or flavor 1 pound of nonliving material.

Ghost Sound
Mage Hand (5lb slap in a crowded bar to start a barfight?)

Stereotypes are a good suggestion. "Lecturing" about them Office "Cultural Diversity Training" style is good. Cantrips and other types of pranks are good.

I suggest giving nicknames to other characters in the party based on their less than stellar performances in the past. "Trapfinder" to the character who has tripped "found" a trap or a monster. "Slick" for someone who has fallen in the party's own created Grease. Make sure to refer to them by those nicknames in public, especially to city official types. Or romantic interests.

Gather some pain-numbing roots and offer them to any female members of the party should they be skeptical of something with some comment about "that time of the moon, right?" Re-explain everything, especially very simple/obvious things, to the less smart, melee types of the party in slow, loud versions. "Remember, don't try to slash or stab those skeletons, they don't have skin!" (while you pull some skin out from your neck to demonstrate)

Applaud and cheer a weak hit for someone who just missed 5 swings in a row prior. "You keep forgetting to keep that shield arm up." to the one who keeps getting hit. "Let me count those coins, more than 10 here, and you are wearing shoes..." Have a very low strength score and lots of gear on a pack animal, that can't possibly be taken where the party needs to go - leaving your other members to carry your stuff.

Overall, be as helpful with your high intelligence as you can be. You can't help it that all your other party members are not smart and need your helpful suggestions All. The. Time.

Keep editing your posts well after other posts have been made after them. To include more jokes and jibes. And retroactively come up with even better ideas.

Talk to all 5 of the key party NPCs before anyone else in the party can post at all.

Laugh at the "jokes" others tell, showing how competent you think they are. Such as - "I'll take th e first watch and make sure we don't get attacked by surprise" - you respond with "Ha ha - good one. Just like you kept such a great watch last night... I'll set an Alarm spell 'just in case'." Blame your failures on others. Work in the phrase "I knew he was bluffing."

Space after each sentence as above, so that you take up near a half page with each post. (Having a long, poetry style spaced signature makes this even more easily accomplished.)

*Out of Character sincere, specific compliments where they are warranted can help keep the annoyance to your character and not you.*

Another way to envision the character (not necessarily entirely mutually exclusive) is as a Don Quixote type person, who is so happy to finally be on a grand adventure, and genuinely wants to encourage his comrades. He is perhaps incredibly booksmart - but naive and unable to pick up on social cues. Have him be good aligned. Chaotic would make sense, though lawful but following his own personalized, romanticized ideas of chivalry would work. Older fellow who sees himself as party mentor and cheerleader.

Now matter how many times he's reminded he can't remember names. So either nicknames or his own devices come out such as "good swing unfortunate looking barbarian fellow, I bet you hit next time!"

Volunteers to carry things he can't budge at all.

He may give coins to town kids, have lost his family (and been hit on the head). Good-hearted and well intentioned. May actually be good in combat, at identifying items, etc. And may not see himself as the party diplomat, thus may not cause any 'harm' and be rather useful- if you can tune out unintended insults, etc.

The first time he misses with a ray or shot, or not identify an item right away, has someone yell at him... he may offer his written 'resignation'. And require compliments and coaxing to 'recind said resignation'.


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