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Character Survival

Character Survival

I am currently playing a 7th Generation Nosferatu, or rather, up until last week I was an 8th Generation Nosferatu. I diablorised my sire. Various in character reasons, mainly stemming from the guy having a Dark End Flaw, and also because of the manner in which I was finally embraced and not informed as to what was going on, and just how much it was going to HURT!

So yes, a major part of my character was the quest for revenge. I got that, and advanced a level.

I need help however. The Tzimice in the group despises what I have done, and the rest of the party aren't too pleased either. I told them out of character my reasons, and they understand that. In character is a different story.

Basically, the Storyteller tells me it might be the end of my character. I want to change that fate. It will most likely be a courtroom setting, and that gives me a chance.

I need a little help, ideas for a defence for what I did.

Was the want of revenge Justifiable?

There is, in some countries, something called Justifiable homicide/murder (Yes, I know it's a wiki artical, sue me). If your character can spin it just right, and with a fair bit of good rolls on your part, you might be able to get away with it in court. Will your party member be happy about it? Hell no, he, or she, has every right to be pissed off.

Yeah ... that won't apply in V:tM.

This PC has committed the most heinous crime imaginable to a Camarilla vampire: he's eaten the vampire that spawned him and claimed a portion of the power in that older, more potent vampire's blood for his own. There is no excuse. He is a confessed diablorist. The penalty is Final Death.

The first rule of diablorie is, "You don't talk about diablorie."

Pretty much. Welcome to World of Darkness. If you get out of this without going on the run, changing your identity, and erasing any trace of your passage... it means your storyteller is a failure.

Well, with a Tzimitzi in the coterie, I'm not sure if this is a Cam game: Clarifying that'd help, as different groups look on diablerie differently.

Diablerie or Amaranth for the more old school term is a big no-no. As mentioned above given the fact that there is a Tzimisce floating around with the group this doesn't sound like a standard Camarilla game. The Sabbat doesnt seem to have as big a issue with the practice in comparison. Hell, the Lasombra accept diablerie as a necessary facet of their existence. He might be spotting a new political alliance here soon if he wants to stay roaming the nights.

Theres a merit in the Guide to the Camarilla (Hidden Diablerie) which could be a in-game quest the character has to undertake to try and learn as some ritual to be performed. Having the Dark Fate flaw though really kinda puts you in a position that this should come back to bite you in the backend. If you go for a courtroom setting with a Camarilla group you are pretty much as good as dead. I would highly suggest looking into other means of saving your undead skin. If the rest of the in-game characters arent looking to help you, such as the quest above, running and the character becoming a NPC really sounds like the only viable option outside of just accepting your Dark Fate. You willingly took the flaw in the first place. The ST has the right to collect on it.

Dark Fate. I love that flaw. My ST and I had an agreement that it wouldn't be death, it would be something much worse. As a result my character was just a little suicidal. We developed a delicate balance between the character acting in a suicidal manner, and actually getting himself killed. Driving across all eight lanes of a freeway, sleeping in the boot of a stolen car, stealing money from the cute Tremere and spending it on a suit and a bunch of roses, stealing artifacts from the Tremere's boss, jumping out of a helicopter over Russia (that one required an intervention from the Gargoyle).

The campaign finale was a little OTT. We went up against Baba Yaga, and the Tremere summoned Nosferatu to deal with her... and a demon to deal with him. That left her with a rampaging demon which she bound into my character's soul. Turns out that artifact I stole was intended for that very purpose.

So he's still alive. Staked and chained under a mountain, possessed by a demon, but alive.

Not that that helps with your problem. Although I would say that although the ST has a right to collect he should try and time it for the end of a campaign/story arc. Have you talked the problem through with him?

I should have mentioned we are Sabbat, my sire had the dark fate flaw, and my sire used to be a friend of the tzimice

Okay if its a Sabbat game I really dont see why anyone cares, expect maybe the friend of said dead sire. Eating souls is fairly common and acceptable practice in the Sabbat. its one of the many reasons they are looked at with such fear and contempt by the Camarilla clans. It wasn't a pack mate so its pretty much a survival of the fittest moment.

Yeah. Your ST may not be as familiar with the Sabbat; not only is it as Arcane said above, a "fairly common and acceptable practice", but your pack should support you. Not only because of a shared ideology, but remember that packs are also mystically bound to one another, so some of them might be very retiscent to hurt you at all.


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