Near the Stargate

LT James Lockley

"Bishop, bring your team back this way."

Lockley was getting more nervous about the bugs flying around. He did not want to find out how bad that stinger would actually hurt.

"Captain Wantanabe, permission to fire to disperse wild life?"

Sgt. Jake Bishop

Bishop looks back to Lockley and nods.

"Try it now." He says softly into the camera, spinning his index finger in a series of circles. He starts signaling for his team to move back even as he waits for a response. The release of the arm was a good sign that the job was doen for the moment, but he wanted to be certain.

Lt James Lockley

"Negative," The captain says over the tactical radio, "Hold your fire unless attacked. MacLean is going to disperse them with the MALP."

"Roger," The Lt replies over the radio.

All at once, there is a flurry of wings as the insects, for no obvious reason, become agitated. Taking to the air, they flutter about in confusion before meandering eastward, away from the stargate, the security team, and the MALP.

The MALP resumes its course toward the stargate, and upon reaching it, continues forward until it passes into the event horizon.

Bare seconds later, the MALP returns out of the event horizon, rolling toward Bishop on its jury-rigged treads.

Sgt. Jake Bishop

Bishop looks hard at the flurry of scurrying insects, that fact in and of itself may be unsettling. Smaller prey animals tend to flee when a big predator comes around, but it could easily just be chalked up to spazzy insects too. When the MALP begins it's run back to the Gate, Bishop starts after it. His second step though, sounds off with a loud sucking sound, as his boot finds itself pulled off by viscous muck. Bishop himself stumbles to a knee, cursing softly under his breath, a curse which is cut short when the MALP sputters back through on it's makeshift treads. He raises an eyebrow and looks towards Lockley.

Lt James Lockley

"Just get back over here." Lockley says in response to Bishop.

While looking at Lockley for direction, Bishop notices several of the flying bugs lurking at the edge of the woods. There's also some faint movement from the reed-choked grasses underneath the cypress trees.

Sgt. Jake Bishop

Bishop pulls his boot out of the mud with a a grunt and a sucking pop from the muck. Scooping up his rifle and winter gear he hovels back to the group. He directs Lockley's gaze towards the swaying undergrowth with a two fingered point.

He plops to his rear, quickly digging the mud out of his boot so he can replace it.

Lt James Lockley

Lockley follows Bishops gaze and sees the moving bushes. He directs another from his team to the area.

"HQ, this is Lockley," the Ranger sends over the radio, "We have movement near the gate way. Some of those bugs got behind us. Permission to throw a smoke grenade, see if we can smoke them out."


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