Near the Stargate

Eileen's voice, sounding slightly bemused, comes across the radio a moment later.

Major Thorsson

"Permission granted to play soldier in whatever way best facilicates the mission without having to ask 'Mommy-May-I' for every move."

As the radio transmissions pass back and forth, Bishop idly cleans out his boots. While he sets down the first and gets ready to work on the second, he sees a flash of movement from the grasses, and suddenly one of the big flying insects disappears with a shrill squeak.

Lt James Lockley

Lockley doesn't wait to reply. He pulls the smoke grenade from his rig, thumbs the safety catch and jerks out the pin. He lets the spoon fly and then tosses it when he hears the pop of the smoke going off. a quarter of the way to the target, the smoke billows from the bottom of the grenade. It continues to pour fourth as the minutes click by.

The smoke billows out, and by the grace of wind it drifts in the direction that the flying bugs had vanished. After about five minutes, there comes a faint buzzing sound that steadily grows louder and richer. Lockley and Bishop can see movement through the thick, hazy cloud as a small horde of the big winged insects, stirred up by the acrid-smelling aerosol, react in typically waspish fashion to being smoked out--swarming out of their hiding place in an angry search for the threat to their nest.

The chevrons on the stargate glow red for a minute or so, coinciding roughly with the time the smoke had started to fan out into the trees; then, they wink out without any signs of rotation or an event horizon.

Lt James Lockley

Lockley looks back towards Bishop, "Sergeant! Get on the Line!"

He then moved to his other two rifle team members and started designating fields of fire. The S.A.W. gunner was to take the area they were coming from, and he was going to support her. The other team member was to cover them.

Sgt. Jake Bishop

Bishop soaked in the things going around him with an internal monologue that consisted of Uh-oh's, he started moving just a fraction of a second before Lockley speaks up. He stays low returning to his position, on the run he slings the precision rifle over his shoulder, pulling the P90 to a ready position.

He takes a knee, the muck setting him off balance for a moment and focuses down the short barrel of the weapon. With a small click he flips the safety off and waits.

The insects come barreling on, the entire cloud--some eight of the bugs--angrily descending on Lockley and Forsythe as they try to advance on the nest. Forsythe darts to the right and tries to take cover behind a tree, while training her weapon on the nearest of the articulated, flying insects and
Dice Roll: 1d12
d12 Results: 6
firing off a short burst that grazes the peeved 'dragonfly.'

Back near Bishop, Pumphrey and Ashton fan out to the right to gain angle on the scene while targeting the creatures over Lockley's head. Rat-a-tat-tat sound the M-24s as hot lead goes
Dice Roll: 1d10 1d12
d10 Results: 7
d12 Results: 7
streaming downrange; neither scores a hit on the surprisingly nimble fliers.

Sgt. Jake Bishop

Bishop rips back on the bolt of the little firearm, letting it sink i into his shoulde. He lets a quick double tap fly at the neares of the menacing insects.

LT James Lockley

Lockley pulls his M-4 to his shoulder and fires a
Dice Roll: 1d8
d8 Results: 8
quick burst trying to lead the bug in flight.


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