Near the Stargate

"...on all the planets we visited, I wasn't expecting to find Yuma," Major Thorsson declared at the blast of heat and humidity (and perhaps starting those less familiar with the Colorado River Basin than she), as she removed the parka, balaclava, and other heat-keeping accountriments from her person, already feeling the urge to wring out her hair...

...and, instead, walks over to the Stargate, lacking Sarah's awe/fear instinct, directly up to the device, the better to give it a thorough inspection. Unlike a certain Colonel, though, she refrains from rapping on it with her P90.

Captain Micheal Wantanabe

The captain was already un a routine having visitied this location a couple of times. He already had his jacket unziped by the time the button was pushed, and striped off before nay one else. His combat gear fit under his coat well so it was easy to do. He hefted his M-4 keeping it on him at all times.

"Vell, it ist not vere I vould build a zummer home, either," Klaus grunts, carrying his lightweight Goa'uld weapon as though it was one of the bulkier powder-fueled mass engines carried by the security forces. "But, hey, ve kan import znow on a daliy basis, ja? Zo long as zere ist ein dry zpot around here zomevere..." He grimaces as he pulls one swamp-damp boot from the mire and examines the muck-covered tread cautiously.

Sarah was none to thrilled about the site. This made her time in Manaus seem enjoyable. Then again, she was always there in the winter, when things were still miserably hot, but a bit drier. It felt good to be back and the field, though she'd have been lying if she hadn't dreamed of this under other circumstances. She turns to look at the physicist who had been slowly picking his way through the muck to stand near her. "Since Findy is tied up with things back in camp, do you need my help with anything?" she asks as she surveys the surroundings. She had a nearly overwhelming urge to join the Major in touching the Stargate, but she was afraid of what might happen, given her "luck" with the IceHenge back in camp. She was quite hesitant to try and interact atall with any ancient technology at this point. However, the wealth of different plants she had spotted in the few minutes she had been here excited her near as much as the Stargate itself, and she began making mental notes of what all she wanted to look at.

Sgt. Jake Bishop

The sudden drenching sweat, something no one could ever really get used to. Straight out Bishop dropped to one knee, sighting down his P90, the scope on the M-24 fogged up from the sudden and absurd climate change. He plays cover while the others pull off their winter clothing, though he certainly did not expect anyone or anything it never hurt to be cautious. SO by the time he was pulling off his winter gear he was already sweating. For now he stowed the long sleeve shirt. Going instead for the olive drab undershirt. His arms and exposed skin well tanned, and showing a few faded instances of ink. With his unnecessary gear tucked neatly in the bottom of his pack he runs through a quick weapons check before heading up to the gate with the smart folks. Not that he would be of any assistance, but it had the best view.

Until he got the go ahead to take a walk about and examine the place proper an eye on the wilds would have to do. He recognized the variety of the place, very similar to several places he had visited back on Earth. He underwent sniper training in the south of Florida, a place not so unlike this. The little though brought a smile to his face as he puts his back to one of the stones, he looks down the sight of his M-24 as the sight just begins to clear. Leaving little droplets of moisture condescending on the outside of the glass.

Klaus wipes his forehead with his sleeve and nods to Sarah. "Ze energy zensors need to be repositioned--zey are not giving optimal zignals to ze komputer." He gestures toward the big ring, where several small grey boxes have been scattered on the ground nearby. "Zat, or ze muck ist putting zem on ze fritz..." He cocks his head toward Sergeant Bishop. "Hey, you, vich vay did ze flying monztrozities kome from?"

Sarah rolls her eye and says quietly. "His name is Bishop. And odds are he'll likely respond better to being called by name, or even rank, than 'hey you'."

She walks over to one of the energy sensors that has been haphazardly 'placed' near the gate. "For Pete's sake, stop waving that thing around. Someone might get hurt," Sarah says as Klaus gesticulated with the Zat. "Now, where do you want these things?". Bending down she tries to lift one of the sensors out of the muck, only to find it fairly well mired. With a scowl, she turns and looks out towards the 'forest' in search of a stout branch to serve as a lever to free the sensor. "I think I will go with the muck messing with the signals, and I think I can see why the Ancients would have picked a different site and different time for a base of operations." she calls over to the physicist even as she walks towards the forest.

[Major Thorsson]

Turning away from the Stargate after having given it a thorough inspection, Eileen walks back over to rejoin Sarah, Klaus, and the rest. "Don't worry. 'Hey you' is universal. And I want everyone to be sure of staying properly hydrated - sweating like this it's easy not to notice until you collapse."

Captain Micheal Wantanabe

After giving Bishop a chance to answer Klaus Captain Wantanabe begins his instructions.

"Sergeant," the captain called, "Set up recon patrols and go out to about 5 klicks from this area. We need to find a better place to lay down tents. I'll handle logistics from this end."

"Hey Klaus," Sarah calls back over her shoulder as she pushes aside some of the underbrush, intent on something, "Can you pull up the sensor logs and give Bishop and his crew an idea of the best direction to start in. These swamps can't go on forever in all directions".

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