Seeking one more Level 12 Character

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Seeking one more Level 12 Character

Against the Giants - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Ad Closes: May 14 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 1

My game is due to start, we require one more player.

It is the 4e re-release of Against the Giants written originally by Mr Gary Gygax himself, and one of my favourite dnd campaing memories.

I'm looking for the following from my 5th player:

Maturity: This is a game where villages and wagons are being taken by Giants -- there will be no fluffy kittens (read smiling villages, happy farmers or the like). The area is living in abject terror day after day, people are taken never to be seen again, any who have tried to stand up to the raiders have been smashed to pieces, eaten there on the spot or taken to the gods knows what tortures await them.

Longevity: This campaign is huge, even on paper. I figure it may take maybe 18 months to get through the first module (of four) and it is the smallest area wise.

Prolific Poster: Myself and the other four players all post in various games at least 10 times a day, sometimes more. I do not expect you to post this many times, but I expect close to it ... I would want a minimum 1 post a day -- there will always be holidays, family emergencies, etc and we understand that. But I am in front of a PC (and looking to pounce on a post like a kitten on a ball of wall) for about 18 hours a day -- seven days a week. There will also be times (especially in combat) where if everyone is on at the same time, there maybe a few posts within a few hours.

Proof of Roleplaying ability: Myself and all four of the players can show proof of being good roleplayers, you will need to be able to prove this as well -- a link to a couple of your games showing your roleplaying ability will help sway my players (they will be the judges on who the final player will be -- I will have the swinging vote if it comes down to a tie anywhere).

Knowledge of 4e: You don't need to be able to build the greatest 4e killing machine ever (remember, this is a campaign, not everything will be fighting things, underground, in the wilderness, etc). We have two players who are 4e players with years of 4e experience and two who haven't had a lot of 4e experience but are experienced roleplayers in other games. Anyone who needs help with anything, be it how to use MW for complicated dice rolls or how best to use a power will be helped by the other three places. Saying that, having experience in a higher level 4e game would also be of advantage.

Willingness to help others: I would like a friendly community within the game (I already have that with the other four) and would like to know that you are of this ilk as well.

I don't need you to post a character at the moment, I hate putting in hours and hours of work on a high level character only to not be accepted by the DM ... I'm hoping that replies to this AD won't take you more then 10 minutes, less maybe.

Once the players have whittled the applicants down to anywhere between one and four, we'll then maybe look at character types which you would prefer to play which will fill any holes in the group as the next process in the application.

Applications thread --

Thanks for your time,


Game Description:

Adventure Background

Giants have been raiding the civilized lands in large bands, visiting death and destruction upon villages, towns, and farmlands. Entire militias have been conquered, whole crops wiped out. These marauding bands consist of mixed groups of hill giants, stone giants, frost giants, and fire giants, as well as ogres and other monsters allied with the giants. Determined to repel the invaders, local lords have begun hiring brave adventuring parties. The first few groups didn’t fare so well. Some were crushed
beneath the boulders and jackboots of rampaging giants, while others went into the wilderness and never returned.

However, a new band of adventurers has assembled to punish the marauding giants and banish them from the civilized lands! That's you guys -- just in case you weren't sure ... LOL
NoobieThe closest giant stronghold—and the greatest immediate threat to the safety of nearby settlements— is a great timber fortress populated by hill giants, known simply as the hill giant steading. Nosnra (pronounced noz-en-rah), a grossly fat and thoroughly despicable hill giant chief, rules from this stronghold. Sly and vicious, the hill giant chief routinely plunders farms, ambushes merchant caravans, and threatens trade roads. He has gathered ogres and other vile creatures to his banner and uses them as fodder during his brutal raids. Nosnra’s alliance with more powerful kinds of giants, such as frost giants and fire giants, is a matter of grave concern. Many suspect a sinister influence at work, a secret motivational power behind the unusual banding of different races of giants. In exchange for their help, the characters are given all of the mundane adventuring equipment they require and are entitled to keep whatever treasure they find. They are advised to follow any clues that point toward the sinister hand suspected of uniting the giants. Only by shattering the alliance can they put down the giant uprising for good.

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Are you looking for something in particular? I noticed a lack in sneakiness and healing. Any preference?

Hi RR,

I don't have any preferences -- it's up to the players

I'm just the story teller, they're the story

Originally Posted by noobiegameplayer View Post
I'm just the story teller, they're the story
Of all the DM self-recommendations I've heard, this statement is one of the best. (I just wish I had room for another game.)

I'd love to play in this adventure! Been excited about it since I heard it was being converted. I made a character for TgtBR's game and (as he wasn't chosen), I'd like to submit him here. Here's the link to the character.

My experience here on MW is limited, but I'm currently in one game here. Here's the IC (I joined the game as a replacement) and the full character app (which includes writing examples).

Most of my PbP experience is on GiantITP where my handle is Chambers. I've run and completed 1 level 30 dungeon delve (IC | OOC) and am currently running a homebrew Paragon game (IC | OOC).

I'd like to play Kerrin (changing whatever mechanics need changing), but I'll make and play whatever the group needs.

Dude, if I had the time to post anywhere near that often, I'd be writing the app right now. Good luck!

@ PolkaBear, Celtic Guardian 7 & Orrin I appreciate the comments guys, thank you very much.

Hi Unnamed, I too applied for TgtBR's game, and when I didn't get in I decided to run my own game (not immediately obviously )

@ Abelard Thank you, and you appear quite busy running one game and playing in 5 others anyways

Once again, the players will be picking who they think fits them best, so good luck to those who have applied so far -- three of you

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