Dawn Over a New World

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Dawn Over a New World

Dawn Over a New World - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 2

"Folks say the Dawngate is a city of gold, or the home of a god. Either'd be a sight to see."

There's a place to the east, reputed to be filled with riches, and you want to find it. Here, in the first city in the New World, you will start your journey.

Your characters are newly arrived on a newly settled continent, and eager to earn fame and fortune by chasing after the fabled Dawngate. You won't be alone. You will have some friends, and a lot of competition. The stakes are mind-bogglingly enormous, if you believe the rumours.

This game will focus on exploration and investigation, with enough combat thrown into the mix to keep you on your toes. The core aesthetic and tone will be an Indiana Jones/Western mashup. Expect to find new and exciting places and interesting people!

I already have several players interested in playing, and so I am looking for two more to fill out the party. Do not concern yourselves with filling out roles within the party! If I get a bunch of awesome applications and it turns out that the party will probably be five rogues and a bard, so be it. I want you to create an interesting character first, and a character sheet second.

Here's what I want to see in your applications:
The fluffName: What do folks call you?
Background: Where do you come from? What did you do before coming to the New World? Why did you leave home? I have left details of the Old World vague, to allow you a great deal of freedom in working out just where your character came from.
Description: How do folks see you? How do you see yourself? Describe your character's appearance and personality.
Goals: Why are you looking for the Dawngate? What do you hope to accomplish afterward?

The crunchSources: SRD!
Starting level and wealth: 1st level, average wealth.
Stats: 20 point buy.
Races: All SRD races are allowed.
Classes: All SRD classes are allowed (including psionics!). The tech level for Gunslingers will be Emerging Guns (early firearms only!).
Traits: You may choose up to two traits from the SRD.
- The Rich Parents trait only raises starting wealth to 300gp, rather than 900.
With the following changes!

Please post your applications as a new thread in this here forum.

I aim to have successful applications chosen by Friday, 18/05.

Happy trails!

Game Description:

"Landfall. Tough town. Our foothold on the New World. Nobody comes here without a good reason."

For many, the New World represented hope. A fresh start. A place where the hatreds of the West could be left behind, and lives forged anew. The adventurous, the destitute, the persecuted - everyone who couldn't make it in the old nations could make it here, in a big way. There was land for the taking, and opportunity for those who would seize it. The natives? Don't worry about the natives.

You probably should have realised something was fishy when the fellow who sold you passage was talking up a place where nobody in their right mind wanted to go. Hell, maybe you did. Maybe you didn't care. Maybe you were running away from someone, or something, and just needed to get on the boat. Maybe you believed the broker's pitch - maybe you wanted to.

It doesn't matter now. You're in Landfall, and it's not quite what you expected. You haven't been here long - no longer than a week, tops, if you're not literally fresh off the boat - but you can feel that buzz in the air, and it's not coming from the local insect population. There really is a sense of hope here, and you can see it in the face of every soul who leaves town with a covered wagon. And behind all the hope for starting a better life, there's something else: the Dawngate.

Everyone's talking about the Dawngate. There's folks who've been on a ship until about an hour ago who're talking about the Dawngate. Word is, someone heard from a friend of a friend, who'd gone to trade with the natives, about a place far to the east, a city of gold and jewels and riches beyond imagining. Well, really, what they'd heard about was a mountain that the Monkey King climbs every morning so that he could throw the sun over the earth, but the tale had grown in the telling. People had come to the New World believing that they could find a better life, and some had been luckier than most.

You're one of those lucky people.

You've got a lead.

'And the prophet spake, saying: "Frak this, for my faith is a shield proof against your blandishments".'
- Alem Mahat, The Book of Cain, Chapter IV, Verse XXI

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Why hello there.

Edit: Turns out I have a perfectly good character for this who got rejected for a previous game. How do you feel about cross-dressing half-elves with a revolutionary bent?

Originally Posted by Avi View Post
Why hello there.

Edit: Turns out I have a perfectly good character for this who got rejected for a previous game. How do you feel about cross-dressing half-elves with a revolutionary bent?
Sounds like Red Mage from 8-Bit Avi! He was the greatest!

You okay with a Cavalier (specifically a Gendarme) and if so are Mounts going to be more of a bother than an aid in this game? I'd rather not build a character around one and find out most of the adventure is going to be a dungeon delve =] Do you allow people with the Craft skill to of Crafted items (that they can make, of course) before the start of the adventure?

Velk: Be Small, ride Medium.

Interested, lemme brew a bit and see what comes outta the ol' oven.

Avi: If s/he can fit into the party, sure.

Velkyros: There will be plenty of outdoor combat, but I can't promise 100% uninterrupted usage of your mount. You might have to leave it behind every now and then, so if you're set on building a cavalier, I would suggest not optimising for mounted combat overmuch.

Sludge: Go nuts.

Enilas: Here.


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