The Eaglecrest Chronicles

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The Eaglecrest Chronicles

The Eaglecrest Chronicles - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: May 21 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 5

This is the first time I'll be DMing a game here on Myth-weavers - assuming this gets started and goes through. This is not, however, my first time DMing, nor my first time DMing a PbP campaign.

The First thing I'll lay out is my expectations. You don't have to be experienced with D&D to get in (though you do have to know how to play, of course), but you do have to be a serious roleplayer, and capable of playing along with a detailed plot - though one that still gives plenty of freedom to the characters. This is not a light-hearted campaign, and while there will probably be humorous moments, this isn't going to be about the humor. I also expect people who won't flake out or leave quickly, and who are willing to stick with this. And willing to come to me with problems or concerns they have with my DMing, or if they think I'm mistreating them, or what have you. I want this to be a functional campaign that makes as many people happy and want to continue playing.

You start at 1st level, have 500 starting gold, and can be of any class or race found in any official D&D 3.5e WotC sourcebook, even setting specific ones (unless they're so specifically built for their setting that they'd be impossible to translate to another setting.) If you want to use homebrew or non WotC (but still 3e/3.5) content, you'll need to run it by me first. Odds are I'll probably say no, but I might, if I think its balanced and not too off the wall.

I'm more interested in characters that I am in stats. So don't try too hard to make sure the party has a balanced class set up, and I want interesting characters and good roleplayers. You can apply in the Applications Forum, though make sure to roll your stats in the ability score rolls thread.

Game Description:

The City of Eaglecrest, on the northern frontier of the mighty Kingdom of Halrun, is a center of economic activity for the region. And it has been the center of a surprising amount of history. Twenty-one years ago, the War of the Orbs, fought over the incredibly powerful Elemental Orbs - eight artifacts of immense power - consumed Halrun, and Eaglecrest served as one of the main centers of the war, its famed militia fighting the Bandits Clans of Ashvale and adventurers based there taking down the Cult of the Crimson Flame in the Tarkos Hills - a cult of fire mages following the Mad Pyromancer Irino.

It has been 18 years since the end of the War of the Orbs, and things have settled, but Eaglecrest, sitting on the frontier as it does, and with the untamed lands north of it crawling with goblinoids and filled with ruins - some more than 1,000 years old - still hums with adventurer activity.

But there are rumors stirring across the kingdom. Creatures of fire are being spotted in the Tarkos Hills, the goblinoids are beginning to unite, the orcs to the south are growing bolder - everywhere evil seems to be on the rise. But as of yet, the new face of the threat has yet to be seen...

As these threats and more loom over the land, anew war Eaglecrest.

The Eaglecrest Chronicles are a long-term campaign in a setting of my own design. The character start at level 1, but progress up through the levels as they start with small, seemingly unconnected missions in and around Eaglecrest and begin to piece together a terrible plot a thousand years in the making.

Depending on the retention rate from adventure to adventure, new players may be brought in if needed between adventures, though hopefully this won't be needed.

Hmmm. Sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this. You've piqued my interest, and I'll think about a character.

I'm also interested ... if there's still room.

No applications have been firmly accepted or disaccepted.

I'll start picking slots probably by tommorrow, given the response I've gotten

Wow... got to get in quick to this one ! Hmmmmmm... think think... arrrrr.... ummmmm... OK

I'll go for a human NG Cleric of Heironeous... as long as there's not too many evil types in the group

Welp, Finished Sheet (for the most part I think, still getting the hang of it) and I've applied. Hope I go through!


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