Dragons of Tyria

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Dragons of Tyria

Dragons of Tyria - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Welcome to Lion's Arch

The year is 1325 After Exodus of the gods. You have all felt the influence of the dragons. There isn’t a being alive in Tyria that hasn’t.

You have felt a calling, away from your lodge, college, warband, or home. You are meant for more than this. You are determined that you can help find a way to rid the world of the terrifying power that is the Elder Dragons. Now, the question is, who do you seek for aid? Lion’s Arch, the home of the guilds and rendezvous point of adventurers from all over Tyria, is probably the best place to start looking.

For those of you who were drawn in by the word “dragons” in the game title, I am sorry for any possible disappointment. For those who came in because they saw “Tyria”, then yes, this is what you are looking for. This game will be set in the universe of Guild Wars at about the time of Guild Wars 2. If you don’t know the lore, don’t worry! This will serve as an introduction to quite possibly one of the best video game universes out there. The lore is deep and varied, every place having a history, and you will indeed get to challenge Dragons and their minions.

Yes, I have pre-purchased the game and yes, I have played in the last beta. No, I have no idea what the game’s storyline will actually be (other than fighting Zhaitan in a dungeon at the end). This helps me play around and take my own take on things. We will all get to laugh at how close, or how far off, this game is to the actual title. Regardless, I will keep the involvement of Destiny’s Edge to a minimum, unless you guys want otherwise (such as by seeking them out).

Background: Given how deep the lore is of this world, I cannot do it justice by summarizing it. As such, I will direct you HERE for the best synopsis of the last 250 years. The parts toward the bottom about Cantha and Elona can more or less be ignored. We aren’t going there.

Houserules & Character Creation:
First off, I will start with this: There are five races available: Human, Charr, Norn, Asura, and Sylvari. Humans have been given a slight power boost for this game and the other four races are brand new. No templates or bloodlines will be allowed, period. If you would gain a template from a class or prestige class, then you will gain that as normal. If you would like to play as a member of another race in the Guild Wars universe, please talk to me and we can work something out. I am currently still working on the details of these four races, so they may change slightly during the application process (I will post to alert everyone of the changes). These changes shouldn’t invalidate any character concepts.

Right, Houserules.

I have almost all books for 3.5 and most for 3.0. I do, however, have to approve anything that is setting specific (other than things from Eberron Campaign Setting). I also have the third party books Hyperconcious and Untapped Potential, which are available to use. Anything else, whether third party or homebrew, ask me first and I will approve/disapprove on a case-by-case basis. My Monk fix (in my signature) is allowed. Likewise, the Sublime Way Marshall is also allowed.

All die rolls related to character creation must go in this thread. If you decide to scrap a concept and re-roll, please delete your original post (or edit it to simply say “trashed concept”) and make a new one. You can keep a set of rolls if you change concept, of course.
Ability scores will be 6m5d6v2 or 38 point buy. You may roll before choosing. Hit points are maximum first level and rolled for all the rest, although there is a minimum in place of on each die.
All applications must create a thread in this folder or they will not be counted.
For applications, I will need the following:
Party Role:

Optionals include pictures, RP samples, sheets, and anything else you find relevant. These will only come into play if there is a tie that needs breaking.

Characters will start with 50,000xp and 52,500gp. You may spend the XP and gold how you wish (though Thought Bottles for recouping XP loss is banned). If you spend no XP, you will be level 10, exactly halfway to level 11. Traits and flaws from Unearthed Arcana are allowed, but you are limited to 1 each. All applications must be in by 12:01 AM EST on June 7, 2012. I may extend this deadline, but I can guarantee I will not shorten it.

And now comes the truly lengthy part: The races and pantheon.

Destiny's Edge, from right to left: Caithe (Sylvari), Zojja (Asura), Eir (Norn), Logan (Human), Rytlock (Charr)

Game Description:

The dragons have always been here, since before the gods of the humans made their mark, before the Charr legions were formed, before the Norn told their first tales.

The dwarven legends told of them, however, and one of their servants lived among mortals, always watching, even as she prophesied world-shattering events.

Now, two and a half centuries have passed since the first of the five dragons, Primordius, started to stir, awakening the Destroyers and forcing the dwarves to transform into living stone warriors to hold back the tide. He was followed by Jormag, a dragon of ice and snow who's power sent the Kodan fleeing south, running the mighty Norn out of the Shiverpeaks they called home. Zhaitan awoke next, raising the sunken continent of Orr and all of its lost residents with him. Soon, massive sea horrors appeared, the handiwork of yet another dragon, who's name has never been discovered. Finally, only a few years ago, awoke Kralkatorrik, whom merely by flying over the ground caused it and everything living in its path to be corrupted into twisted, crystalline monstrosities.

These are the foes we now face. The world is in terrible shape, and despite deep-seated hatreds, all must unite if survival is the goal.

My version of a Monk fix Please Examine And Critique Honestly.

This is the MMO that will be copied next.

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God am I interested. God am I full up on games. God do I want to play. LOL DAMN YOU! >_<

Now on too important stuff. Any thing you're looking for in a character? I have always wanted to try out the duelist from COmplete Warrior, or is it Scoundrel? One of those complete books has it anyways. I am thinking of probably going human.

My concern is , what type of hero do you want? Have we lived in Lion Arch are whole life? Or did we just mover here? Sorry if I missed this in the game info.

Whether you moved into Lion's Arch, are visiting it, or have lived there your whole life is up to you. All that matters is that you are there, since that is where the game starts. All I am really looking for in characters is a way to contribute to the group as a whole. "One-trick ponies" are generally not recommended. I'm also looking for team players. Linked backstories are encouraged, but not required.

Really, just make the character that you want to play. There will be time to tweak mechanics after acceptance.

GAH. THIS GAME. WOW. Time for scheduling magic.

I am interested in this. I am new to PbP and I don't have the internet shorthand for some things down though. I am pretty aware of character creation but I don't know what 6m5d6v2 means. This is the second campaign I have seen today that I would like to try my Swashbuckler in. He would need some tweaks as he didn't go past lvl 5 in our campaign since it went dead but I want to give him the opportunity to grow.

Originally Posted by prophetic_joe View Post
I am interested in this. I am new to PbP and I don't have the internet shorthand for some things down though. I am pretty aware of character creation but I don't know what 6m5d6v2 means. This is the second campaign I have seen today that I would like to try my Swashbuckler in. He would need some tweaks as he didn't go past lvl 5 in our campaign since it went dead but I want to give him the opportunity to grow.
What I gave is the code for the dice I want you to use with Myth-weaver's built-in dice roller. You can use [dice][/dice] or [roll][/roll] tags around it (I recommend using [dice][/dice]) and it will roll 5d6 six times, dropping the lowest two dice each time.
No dice rolling in the ad forum thanks

Since I am super excited about the game and don't have the funds to pre-purchase and get in on all the beta stuff I would love to play in the world and get my feet back in the GW lore waters...


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