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Feng Shui: Reckless Abandon

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Feng Shui: Reckless Abandon

Reckless Abandon: Opening Gambit - Forum

Greetings everyone, I'm looking to run a game in the Feng Shui setting. For those of you who don't know, Feng Shui is a system entirely based on Hong Kong-style action theatre. In Feng Shui, anything is possible and the outrageous are honestly kind of expected. Flying kung-fu masters, cops firing guns with cobra reflex timing, swordsmen deflecting bullets with twin katanas, it's all here.

I'm looking for about 4-5 players to participate, I expect that many will be interested but won't have the book so I'll be making pre-created characters that I will post in the game's forum itself, not like character creation is hard. My rules are simple, no characters starting from the netherworld juncture, and I am not including the 1850 A.D. juncture. Beyond that anything is fair game and I'm willing to make allowances for good background stories.

Even if you don't have experience with this system, that is fine, it's not overly complicated for the player, and as I said anything is possible.

An actual combat dialogue between a GM and player I saw once to give you an idea of this game.

GM: You run into the restaraunt's kitchen, when you arrive you see your target shoot out a staff exit, but as he escapes 3 of his ninjas block your way.
Player: I need to catch him straight away, so these ninja's have got to go. I glance to my right and see a toaster sitting on a counter top. I grab said toaster by it's chord and whirl it around my body to try and take out all the ninjas in one swing.

As you can see, the game is very creative, and as GM I will set the scene, but you can feel free to add little accents to create your own stunts in game. For this reason, I'm not looking for players who expect me (as the GM) to name off every little detail of the Italian Restaurant where Don Villo is having lunch. Just a disclaimer.

If you are willing to be creative and have fun feel free to check out the game details and throw a character together. I will check back and answer any questions semi-regularly and I hope to have my players within 2 weeks.

Game Description:

You always remembered the stories of the spirits, the supernatural, and all the forces that keep our world from crumbling apart at the seams. You may be a general fighting during the Three Kingdoms age of China, a monster hunter from the turbulent future, or maybe you're just a 19 year old trying to eek out a life on minimum wage and a prayer. Regardless of all that, you're world is about to take a drastic change. Supernatural cabals, sects, and secret society have been secretly waging war, with the fate of all free souls on the line.

69 A.D., strange beings have been spotted about the wilderness around major kingdoms. Monsters are vanishing without a trace at a rapid rate, and at the same time, so too are peasants and warriors. Feudal lords are becoming alarmed but unfortunately cannot spare the time or forces to launch a capable investigation into these disappearances.

Modern Times, ok, so ghost and monsters shows are trending now according to google...but why on Earth have people been claiming the spotting of strange creatures, ghosts, and freakish "alien" creatures. At the same time, and on a not too surprising note at that, crime rates have sky-rocketed, especially involving suspected organized crime syndicates. Life for the average citizen is dangerous, but life for a law enforcement officer can be hellish.

2056 AD, a strange global organization has begun its reign of world domination and fierce oppression. The common folk (known as consumers) live a life of blissful ignorance, while those willing to sell their soul live a life of comfort. Factories are built with mysterious intentions where workers live and...well, work. All hope is not lost in this future however, given that their are still those who "swallowed the red pill" (no this isn't The Matrix...exactly) and fight against this corporation at every turn.

Regardless of your juncture, your expertise, or your age you were involuntarily snatched from your cosey bed of ignorance (or safety, whichever the case may be) and are launched into a world of violence, demons, dragons, intrigue, assassination, and a whole lot of anonymous henchmen. Get ready for the fight of your life in Reckless Abandon: Opening Gambit.

I'll take it by that that you don't have the book. If you do, just build a starting character from the base rules, but if you don't have the book I'll post the rules later tonight.

Okay, I hate to double post but this is a bit of a requirement, if players go the to "Questions" thread I have a link where my scan of the core book is up for people to use. Go there if you are interested in making a character and participating.

Hm, this sounds neat, and I haven't taken a shot at Feng Shui yet (though I have ALL THA BOOKS) Mind if I throw in with a kung fu cop or some such?

Awesome. I've been wanting to try Feng Shui for a good long while. I'm thinking a karate cop wrongly accused!

Very much in, good sir. I'm a kung fu practitioner and martial arts movie buff so I enjoy thinking up exaggerated moves for this game.

I'm definitely interested, this sounds amazing.

EDIT: Also, I have the book. Yay.


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