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[3.P] Defeating an enemy with AoOs

Flanking doesn't deny Dex. Also, I'm talking about AoOs, not flanking. And I have houseruled that when you AoO the opponent that provoked is threated as flat-footed against your attack.

Originally Posted by ImperatorK View Post
I want to build an encounter with an interesting hook - the opponent is hard to defeat with anything other than AoOs. That's why I'm looking for ways to somehow deny the PC (it's a solo game) his normal attacks or make the enemy hard to hit/invulnerable. Maybe something like very high AC which is up only on your opponents turn?
An important houserule of mine - enemy is flat-footed when you make an AoO against him.
I assume that #1 suggestion will be a high Dex enemy with high dodge bonuses, because they're not added when flat-footed.
The enemy is supposed to fight melee, but spells for buffing or defense are allowed.
He's going up against a 20th level PC.
Fluff what you're looking for?

I'm thinking some kind of martial arts master that can parry every melee and ranged attack of the PCs (no way around it) and has magical self-replicating wards to fend off spells (just GM discretion; all spells fail, short of letting a detect magic notice wards before that fizzles as well).

Granted, this encounter will probably thoroughly miff the players unless they're used to you doing this!

Have you considered making the opponent a Magus? With the Spell Shield arcana, you can bump his AC with his INT modifier as an immediate action.

You could only trigger the ability when he attacks directly, but not once he starts using AoO. It does until the end of his next turn however, so the PC might get discouraged when his first attack of opportunity doesnt work.

You might make it so the PC has to spend a standard action not attacking instead -- perhaps he has to pull a lever every turn or the lava aquaduct in the ceiling collapses onto him?

What about an incorporeal foe hiding in the floor/walls? Then your player will have to ready actions and use AoOs to hit it.

Didnt read everyone's posts, so this may have been suggested already.

Have an effect reduce lighting to only a few feet from its source, then give the guy a high movement speed combined with spring attack. Have the foe make hit and run attacks from the darkness... Like a ninja.

Or, on the subject of ninjas, have you seen Batman Begins?

Slap a bunch of mind controlled innocents in similar garb and reinact this scene...

How about some badass swarms? AoE attacks happen to be the weakness of most, if not all, swarms. Crank together a swarm of swarms and see what happens.


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