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Solar Power Developments

And all the people involved in collecting it and that came into contact with it would never even say a word about it? Sorry, but the simpler explanation is that Tesla was simply wrong. The fact is that no matter how brilliant someone is, not everything they turn out is solid gold. And it's very easy to become obsessed with a wrong idea. Just look at Issac Newton and his alchemy. Is there some ancient plot to keep his secret for transmuting gold quiet?

More like the people involved wouldn't understand it. Heck they may have gone and stuck it in some warehouse on the general principle that it might be dangerous and then never checked it out. now *that* sounds like government beuracracy in action...

It's a nice idea, but there's not a secret Tesla free energy device in a warehouse somewhere that'll make the energy economy disappear overnight. That's just wishful thinking.

Who said anything about free energy? All anybody else has said is advanced energy source. That could be anything from advanced solar energy to some kind of cold fusion to a coal based fuel cell with 98% energy effeciency...

If Tesla had such a device, he would have demonstrated it for all to see, like he did with all his real inventions. From what I can tell, he was not in the least bit interested in keeping secrets.

yes and no- towards the end of his life he did have several inventions, at least claimed he did, that he would only demonstrate for the right people- though these were generally reported to be weapons. He also had the resonator expiriment which shook, depending on accounts, either his entire building or a fair portion of a city block inNew York. but the biggest issue he would ave faced is money- Tesla had no understanding of finance and died in poverty, with only his drawings left. As such he would not have been able to stage a demonstration, and it is documented that the government did take his design documents upon his death (in fact there has been a long ranging political issue over whether those should belong to the US or his birth country- but this has focused primarilly o their historical value). So is it possible that some advanced design sits forgotten in a warehouse? Sure. The odds increase every year that we would have already designed something that meets or exceeds its specifications unless some of his wilder theories turned out to have paned out (in which case future generations might view it as something like the Roman steam engines which were designed but never built). But the most that can be done is to speculate on what might lie idden and forgotten, there is no need for conspiricy, but niether is there evidence that there is nothing. in fact given Tesla I would say there is an almost certainty that he designed more things that never saw the light of day, and some of them probably would have even worked.

**looks at several pieces of writing that have never yet made the public light of day and most likely won't ever be seen by public eyes**

Yeah I think silveroak has covered it pretty well. No matter how public you are with your shit, there's always going to be at least one thing that never gets to reach anyone else other than you and your piece of paper and/or hard drive.

yes, but the reason isn't always "because it doesn't work"
For example, Tesla wanted to work on broadcast power- with funding from Morgan he might have managed it at that time in the method he envisioned. Morgan however had one question "How would we bill the customers?" Which Tesla could not answer. So he didn't get the funding because it was not marketable.
he had plans for what he described as a death ray for the defense deaprtment, but he wouldn't let anyone look at them unless he was paid a couple of million first. Which was probably the primary issue which led to his notes being confiscated after his death. Maybe it worked, maybe not as advertised, or maybe it wouldn't have- from what little accounting there is of the project it sounds as though he had designed some form of particle accelerator. But nobody was willing to lay out the money to find out.
It is worth noting that while Tesla hypothesised about one day being able to tap directly into a cosmic energy source, his only real ventures into the realm of power generation was converting rotational energy into electrical energy. He may or may not have been looking for an 'energy reciever' towards the end that would have been based on his ideas of broadcast power but with teh underlying assumption that such a power source was already present. If so there are a number of frequencies he might have tuned in on-by that point human generation at the 60 Hz frequency would have resulted in signifigant power spillage, then there is the hydrogen line, which is throughout the universe but a weak signal, and several radio frequencies generated by our sun. However any of these would likely have produced only minimal power output.


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