Greetings Pathfinders!

The GMs of the forum have recently come to a decision, one that we hope will open up more Musters for new players and encourage those who are on the fence to give GMing a try. Please note that these rules apply ONLY to THIS Mythweaver's PFS forum.

New RulesThe number of games each player may participate in at one time will be henceforth limited in an effort to provide space for new players and to encourage GMing.

Max # games = 2 + (#GM'd Scenarios & Modules)

(This means that a player who decides to GM can play in additional games. For example, a player who does not GM may play in up to two games. A player who GMs one game may also play in up to three games... and so on.)
  1. A grace period shall be in effect allowing all players currently Mustered in multi-session arcs to continue to completion those arcs without regard to their maximum number of games allowed. Once the player has finished that arc, he/she must abide by the limits.
  2. Players in Modules recruited by invite-only shall be treated as "home games" and exempt from the limitations. player in Modules recruited by Muster shall not be exempt from this limit.
  3. An allowance shall be made for players who wish to enroll in a Muster whose recruitment has failed to meet the minimum table size (four PCs) within 2 business days. Enrolling in such, a player may exceed his/her limit temporarily only to join that game. This exception does not increase the limit, and may restrict a player from entering another Muster until that game has finished.

    (e.g. John has 3 PCs and does not GM. He is currently in two games, and is at the limit. A Muster that he is interested in has been waiting for a minimum table for 3 business days, and the GM has opened it up to maxed out players. John joins this game with his third Pathfinder Character. Two weeks later, he finishes a game with his first character. He may not join a regular Muster with that character, as he is at his limit due to his PCs #2 & #3. He must wait until his finished another game, decides to GM a game, or wait for another Muster seeking the minimum table size.)
  4. If a Muster has met the minimum table size, but is not full, it may be opened as an "Exempt Muster," at the GM's option. The GM may close the Muster at any time he/she wishes.

You will notice that new Musters will have a few extra rules, and that GMs will be checking to ensure that you are not "over-committed." Players that are currently over their limit will be allowed to finish their current games, but may be prevented from joining any new ones until their old games end.

If you find these rules too constraining, I urge you to consider GMing... it will allow you to play in more games *and* will allow others to do so as well. Thank you for your time and patience as we transition.

Explore, Report, and Cooperate!
-IGBO (Decimvirate Wannabe)

Greetings Pathfinders!

Our illustrious leader itsgottabeodin has stepped down as Coordinator (and head GM as far as Myth-Weavers is concerned), and I am taking his place. He is still going to be around hopefully in some fashion, hopefully for a long time to come.

Very little will change and we will still run the individual games with the same level of GM autonomy we've had for ever so this should be a distinction without a difference, hopefully. The only real change is it'll be me who reports the games (for those who let the coordinator do that), me who adds and removes GMs from the game, and it'll be up to me to be a final arbiter if there are beefs that can't be resolved some other way.

Explore, Report, and Cooperate!

-Greycloak (Decimvirate Nevergonnabe)

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