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Pathfinder Society: The Official Myth Weavers Chapter

Pathfinder Society: The Official Myth Weavers Chapter - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion

The Pathfinder fans have spoken!

The Myth Weavers chapter of the Pathfinder Society needs more players and GMs! We've been up and running since last August, with a solid group of dedicated GMs, but there's always room for more talent! If you want to run simple, straightforward, and short mods, please let me know. The larger the stable of GMs, the more scenarios that can be run simultaneously, and the more players that can be served. And if you'd like to join as a player, post your interest here, as well. But first, run over to the official Pathfinder Society home page and join up. It's free and painless, I promise!

Registering will generate a unique ID number for you. When you have this number in your grubby little hands, come back here and present that number in your post. Link it to your profile on Paizo's site. If I see a valid number, you get an invite. It's that simple, and it's probably the easiest application you've ever had to produce here on the Weave!

Also, please tell me if you're applying as a player or a GM (or both). We have loads of players already, but more GMs would be great! As a bonus, any GM who signs up gets a big digital hug from me, so there's that.

EXTRA EXTRA! Read all about it! Pathfinders seeking new recruits,
steady Venture-Captains!

Araya's Guide to Becoming a PathfinderBefore presenting yourself at the gates of the Grand Lodge, there are several steps that every intelligent aspiring Pathfinder should complete:
  • Go Here and click the "Join the Pathfinder Society" link on the right side of the page.
  • Finish Registering and receive a PFS number(should be a 5-digit number).
  • Post in the ad thread with: [url=""]PFS # NNNNN[/url]
  • For example: PFS # 12312
  • You are done! Now it is time to create your adventurer while you wait for your official acceptance from one of the Masters of the Society.
Krull's Absurdly Short Guide to Finding your Strengths and Embarking on your First Adventure[Official Rules] check the Getting Started & Joining a Game sections.

Character Creation Rules: Please Download & Read the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play.
(You DO NOT need to have a finished character to apply to this game. You DO need a finished character to join a muster.)
Also note this highly confusing list of what is allowed for play. Core Rulebook is 100% OK. If you are confused, ask.

A special note: Along with a new group of players, we are seeking more dedicated GMs to help run scenarios. It is critical that we have a good base of GMs to be able to continually offer scenarios. If you are interested in becoming a GM, or have questions, please PM me or post in here.

GMing for Pathfinder Society is fun! PFS scenarios are short, and great for beginning GMs getting their feet wet. GMs also get credit towards their character(s), giving them gold and experience as if they had played in the game. In The Official Myth Weavers Chapter, GMs are free to play in other GMs scenarios at the same time as running their own!

Game Description:

The OFFICIAL Myth Weavers Chapter

The Decemvirate Wants YOU!
The Decemvirate Wants YOU!
The ten shadowy masters of the Pathfinder Society have seen fit to conclude your arduous months of training. Through trial (and a great deal of error), you have finally been dubbed "Pathfinders", agents of one of the most notorious organizations in Golarion. You hail from the far corners of Avistan and Garund, and your allegiances to particular nations are still strong, yet one trait unites you all: your insatiable desire to explore the hidden places in Golarion, to recover its lost secrets, and to have your deeds sung for eternity in the pages of the Pathfinder Chronicles.

Officially Sanctioned Organized Play
Officially Sanctioned Organized Play
This game houses the officially registered Myth Weavers Chapter of Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Players and GMs registered with the Society run through Paizo-sanctioned scenarios, with some alterations to the core Pathfinder rules to facilitate and balance organized play. The results of these scenarios are reported to Paizo by the person overseeing the chapter (yours truly). Players can use their PCs in any sanctioned Pathfinder Society event, whether it be at home, online, or at a convention.

A Myth Weavers Game Like You've Never Seen It
A Myth Weavers Game Like You've Never Seen It
If you're a veteran of games here on the Weave, you'll immediately notice that this game actually houses several ongoing games at once. We have gathered a stable of able GMs to run scenarios for our registered players. Each GM has control of his own game (within the limits of the Rules & Guidelines), but ultimately reports to the Venture-Captain. More players can play at once than the average PbP game, and there is no application process. As long as a player has a street-legal Pathfinder Society character, he/she can join up! When a GM calls for a Muster for his scenario, it's first come, first served.

So come be part of something larger, something different, and something ridiculously fun! Help Pathfinder gain a strong foothold here on the Weave!

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Please note that The Official Myth Weavers Chapter of the Pathfinder Society is seeking more than 1 new player/GM, that was a mistake on my part. This ad will remain open and players/GMs will continue to be accepted until the ad automatically closes, or I feel that the ratio of players to GMs becomes unsustainable.

The more GMs we have, the more players we can support!

Im rather new to all this but pathfinder kinda struck me as a very interesting system.
I was hoping to be a player.
PFS # 52638

Certainly! I've sent your invite. Come on in, get read up and settle in. There is a First Steps muster up once you finish your character, or there are due to be a few new musters in the next two weeks.

EDIT: A little late now, but your link is supposed to be to your username on Thanks!

Yep. But if you know your username on you should be able to just replace "YourPaizoUsername" with your username.

For everyone else: I do need a PFS number before I will invite you... but does seem to be down right now. Don't despair. Check back later today or tomorrow, it should be fixed.

Already got two newbloods, awesome.

Definately was a great idea to get a PFS chapter started here. To any new players: there is only one currently open Muster, but another two GMs are planning to make more shortly, so the pool is ready and waiting.


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