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GMs have been ruling, however, that any item you find in-game can be used until the adventure's completion without consuming it. I.E, a scroll of fireball could be picked up and used at no cost from a treasure chest, but still appear on the chronicle. Same goes for your MW dagger, alchemists' fires, etc. You just can't finish with extra gold from selling them.
I am not sure this is a GM ruling. I believe this is canon. Let me see here...

Originally Posted by Pathfinder Society Organized Play, p17, Second Column, Last Paragraph
You may use any item that you find during the scenario for free until the end of the scenario, but you must purchase the item when the scenario is over in order for your character to be able to continue to use it item.

Yet another question! It was related to my previous batch, but I forgot it...

-When purchasing equipment, etc. after a scenario with the gold you've earned, how do wizards purchase new spells? I know the costs for scribing them into spellbooks is listed, but what of gaining access to other wizards' spellbooks? Do they charge the standard amount in the CRB? Are certain levels of spells more expensive? In general, I'm curious how prepared casters that utilize a spell book or rough equivalent function in PFS games when it comes to learning/scribing new spells.

I don't know if accessing another wizard's spellbook and scribing directly from it is allowed in PFS. I believe the method is to buy the scroll and pay to scribe it. I thought I saw somewhere that you didn't need to buy the scroll, just pay to scribe, but am not finding that now.

Ah, this is what I was seeing...

How can wizards, witches, magi, and alchemists learn new spells or formulae?
Pages 219–220 in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook discuss how to handle a wizard’s spellbook, but Pathfinder Society makes one adjustment to these rules: a wizard does not have to purchase a scroll found during the course of a scenario in order to copy that scroll into her spellbook. The wizard only needs to spend the time, succeed on the appropriate checks, and spend the amount of gold listed on the table on page 219 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. Keep in mind that the process of copying a spell from a magic scroll into a wizard’s spellbook removes the spell from the copied scroll, turning it into a blank piece of normal parchment. The normal rules for finding items during the course of a scenario are that they can be used during the scenario but must be purchased after the scenario in order to be kept. This clarification for wizards and their spellbooks is the singular exception to the gear rules. An alchemist can likewise copy spells from scrolls found during a scenario into his formula book as detailed on page 28 of the Advanced Player's Guide. Similarly, a witch PC's familiar can learn spells from another witch's familiar or from scrolls found during the course of a scenario, as detailed on page 68 of the Advanced Player's Guide. Magi follow the same rules in copying spells to their spellbooks as wizards in all ways save that they use the magus spell list to determine if they may learn a spell, instead of the sorcerer/wizard spell list. If a wizard, witch, magus, or alchemist PC is adventuring with another PC who could teach them a spell, those PCs may exchange spells on their own terms as long as they make the proper skill checks and their trading of arcane secrets does not interfere with the flow of the game, at the GM's discretion. If you don't find a scroll of a given spell during the course of an adventure, you have to buy the scroll to learn it. An NPC isn't just going to give you access to his spells for free, and purchasing a scroll of that spell represents the cost of gaining access to his spellbook. Any spell or formula learned must be accounted for on a scenario's Chronicle sheet in the "Conditions Gained" section.
So it looks like you just pay the cost to scribe and make your roll. If you happen to find a wizard's spellbook during a scenario....you could scribe every spell in it if you wanted, but you would need to pay to do so after the scenario. If I am reading it correctly.

How about scribing a spell from another friendly wizard? I'd say the same rules apply....pay to scribe it and make your roll.

You can scribe scrolls from another player's spellbook (assuming they give you permission) at the cost of scribing materials. You can scribe scrolls you find during the adventure (instead of using them) at the cost of scribing materials. If you want a spell through any other* means, you must pay the cost of scribing, as well as the cost of the scroll. I don't worry too much about the rolling. Even at level 1 you should be able to take 10 for scribing level appropriate spells.

Remember too, that all 1st level spell scrolls are "Always Available", so there's no reason to not have all of them eventually. 2nd level spells (and higher) are the ones you really need to worry about.

*Except for corner cases I can't remember.

I've asked this question on the official Paizo boards as well, hopefully I get an official answer there, but I'll ask here as well:

Retraining allows you to change anything but the PFS number... can you retrain into being a kitsune once you get the relevant boon?

I can't find it, but a "yes" was given for changing to one of the new races during a retrain. I would imagine a boon race would be the same.


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