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If someone has a race boon, and 3 or less XPs, then they may use the race boon in the rebuild.

Originally Posted by Dylos
Does a first level character still lose their level times 3 in prestige points should they decide to change faction during rebuild? The Paragraph says that they keep prestige points, but I am not sure if that is referring to if they change faction or not.

If the Chronicle has been assigned to that particular PC number, it may not be given to another PC. I suppose you would be able to remove the Chronicle if it was a race boon or holiday boon (one that did not indicate an adventure played, etc.), but you wouldn't be able to re-assign that Chronicle once it had been "used". In any case it would have to be left in your stack of Chronicles for that particular PC since it would have a Chronicle number and a missing Chronicle would certainly be a red flag to any GM reviewing your PC.

Originally Posted by Jiggy
So... does such a PC get to start their gear from scratch? Sell back unwanted stuff for full price? Do they have to keep existing gear (it says they're "able to") and must sell any unwanted stuff for half price? Details on this aspect of this totally awesome new rule would be appreciated.
Sell back the gear at full price and buy new gear.

Originally Posted by Don Walker, VC
Mike Brock answered this in another thread. When you "buy" items with PP you can't sell them. You can throw them away I suppose, but you won't get your PP back

Thought I'd throw this out there for those wondering about various Rebuild options.

Question about the gold that is technically earned by the party as they complete the various tasks in the First Step 1 scenario:

1. Should that gold be presented as part of the fluff of the encounter?

2. If the party uses that gold to purchase items...are the cost of those items subtracted from any individuals who retain them?

3. Or, is all wealth reset and the party loses all the mundane items and but gets the gold in return?

3a. If so, what happens with things that are consumed...party buys a CLW potion with in-scenario gold and drinks it? That just comes out of the gold fo the person who drank it?

1. It is nice, but it isn't necessary. You can rationalize a lot of it as gear dropped by the enemies.
2. Yes.
3. What? No.
3a. They have to pay for it, and the purchase should be listed on their Chronicle in the appropriate area.
3b. If a foe drops a potion of CLW and that is used, there is no cost.

Originally Posted by itsgottabeodin View Post
1. It is nice, but it isn't necessary. You can rationalize a lot of it as gear dropped by the enemies.
Ah. I was reading it as they party is literally given X gp each...presumably by the venture captain, but you're suggesting that it can be presented as "the gear you find, you sell for x gp each" ?

Yeah, if you like. Sometimes a pile of honest-to-goodness gold is written into the adventure. I wouldn't bother with trying to distribute cash unless your party is in dire straights and/or is trying to sell the loot on their own initiative. Just wait until the end and the chronicle will do that job for you.

Being a Pathfinder doesn't pay at all. It isn't a job, it is a hobby/calling.

That's how I read it but it could easily be the other way too. Either way, the gold is virtual more or less until the end of the scenario, just like any found items which may be borrowed/consumed but are returned and sold at the end for the full reward around earned.

Well, gold given along the way could help adventurers purchase stuff. And since they are Absalom, the scenario makes reference to characters being able to find anything they want.

As you know here is what is says,

If the PCs safely retrieve the seven-lock box
from XXXX, give each PC XX gp.
No mention of from who or what source.

So I read that and am wondering if that should be available to them in-scenario or after?

The only reason it's there is so you know how much to award on the chronicle sheet. Say they fail to retrieve the box. Not do they risk failing the overall mission (you only have to complete three out of four, in the case of First Steps 1), but even if they succeed they don't get full gold on the chronicle.

But for me, I had XXX throw each character a sack of gold, saying "Here's a little extra for your trouble." It was available for them to spend if they needed more equipment, but it didn't change the amount of gold they received on the chronicle.

Question on Gunslingers. I recall reading some post by Mike Brock suggesting that gunslingers are supposed to be charged gp for each shot fired. The point of which puts real limits on the amount which a player will shoot their gun. However, I don't see anything in the OGC that talks about such a mechanic. What am I missing?

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